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    How did you go about selecting a realtor? Did you just go with who the RED department assigned? Did you have an outside realtor? Experienced with NACA or not? Did you interview more than one NACA In-House realtor? I am trying to make a decision today and its been self led so far in finding them, but I would love input from others as to their realtor experience.


    I chose my own. I pretty much knew what I wanted because I was online house shopping for about a year before I even found out about naca. I went to a couple of open houses before I selected an agent but, when I did I went to and found the listing of one of the open houses I went to and created an appointment request to view the house. In the comment box I mentioned I was a naca member and will require an agent who is naca registered or willing to register with naca. Later that day I received a phone call from an agent who said he has never worked with naca before but, is willing to do whatever it takes to work with me and get me into a house. He was phenomenally well versed on everything and became naca registered within 24 hours of meeting with me.

    Finding an agent you like AND has your best interest can be hit or miss. My local office only has 1 agent and they don’t service the entire area because that includes 4 counties and a large city. There are people who post on here about their in-house agent being non responsive and not interested. But there are also people on here who post about how their in house agent knows exactly how to work with the system and get the best deal for them. Likewise many outside agents are more interested in commission and others are reluctant to fully advocate for you as a naca member.

    Shop around. Only you can decide who seems like the best fit.


    I went with an outside realtor with no NACA experience. I interviewed four realtors, including the in-house. The NACA in-house seemed a bit overwhelmed with the number of members they were assisting. I couldn’t be happier with my realtor. It was similar to @Nelsont where he was well versed and became NACA registered within 24 hours of meeting with me. Further, I liked the fact that he was a no B.S. kind of guy and didn’t sugar coat things.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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