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    Are we allowed to set up our own house viewings or do we have to wait on our agent? I asked my agent earlier this week to set up a viewing for tomorrow morning but he never did. His response was “I normally wait 24 hours to schedule”.

    Houses are moving fast in Charlotte so I would like to get the ball moving.


    Hello wssu08,

    We can’t stop you from setting up your own viewings, but it’s a VERY bad idea.

    I’m not sure why you would want to pull the rug out from under your real estate agent anyway. He is the professional in that area, and knows the market better than anyone, simply because that is what they do for a living. If things were as urgent as you seem to believe, your agent would be scrambling to get you viewings as quickly as possible.

    Instead, you seem to want to do the one thing that everyone who messes things up for themselves does in this process, namely try to short-circuit the system in some manner. Whether it’s by being in too big a hurry, trying to do an end run around their counselor, thinking “I shouldn’t have to” follow an instruction they have been given or otherwise, not following the process and taking the advice of the people assigned to help you will only result in frustration.

    Don’t buy into the false notion that you are somehow going to miss the home of your dreams just because you don’t view every opportunity immediately. This is the biggest financial transaction of your life. Why would you want to risk messing it up by being in such a hurry?

    Work with your agent and let him do his job. The agents working with the Charlotte office (especially the in-house agents) know what they are doing very well. They are one of the reasons that the Charlotte office is one of the top two NACA offices in the country in loans closed each month.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Get a new agent. You don’t have to use a NACA agent. As long as the agent is vetted by NACA you are free to use them. I had a NACA agent that pretty much drug her feet on setting up viewings. After week 3 I moved on to a new agent. I found a house in 2 days, currently under contract, and now awaiting my application to be submitted to underwriting, which should happen Tuesday due to all the holidays.


    Thank you @preezy. I actually just decided to find a new agent yesterday. He has his webinar next Wednesday, so I’m hoping this will help me.


    @wssu08 Redfin is fantastic too. You can schedule showings through them. My first realtor didn’t work out. I was using Redfin to scout houses and ended up going with a realtor there. Turns out, she actually purchased with a NACA 8 years ago!

    I found my house on Redfin, scheduled a viewing within three days of it being in the market and made an offer that afternoon. My Redfin team has been amazing throughout this process.

    Good luck!


    @shadrieka that’s great to know! Thank you for the advice. Was your Redfin realtor already NACA approved? The realtor I want to use has his NACA training on Wednesday. Do you know if I’ll be able to start viewing homes with him immediately?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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