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    I need to change realtors (system-wise). I alreqdy sent an email to the Red department. The lady that usually handles my case responds pretty fast. Because the turnover is pretty crazy with naca i went ahead and called the Red number but that isnt working and it just gets transferred to Member services. The lady I spoke with said that everyone working at RED is being reassinged to other duties. How are realtor changes are being handled now. I have never gotten any responses when i use the red email besides when dealing with realtor changes..i have asked different questions and never once get a response. Can someone shed some light? Do i still need to change the realtor in the system? Can my counselor do that? Is there a new RED phome number?



    I am not sure if we are allowed to give the contact information of a NACA employee here in the forum but you can contact Yesenia McBride at and I think she can help you, she works at the RED Department



    Thank you southflorida. That was basically my point of contact always. I emailed her directly and she replied back with another person’s email. She was transferred to Hand Department.

    The other contact Maria M. replied back and basically we need to call member services to inquire about. This is where naca lacks I spoke to someone in Member Services before reaching out directly to Yesenia and she basically just said to use the RED email. If anyone is ever in the same situation as me the new realtor needs to register as a vendor and then upload you as their client.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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