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    Hi all,

    I’m having crazy amounts of trouble closing with NACA right now.

    We’re almost a week past our close date on a new construction, and our closing coordinator just keeps telling me “waiting to hear back from Bank of America, should hear something by EOD.”

    Each time BOA had come back, it’s been for something already in my file, tonight it was literally conditions for something that had already been sent, asked for, and resent, and now was a third time being asked for.

    I’m getting scared BOA won’t provide approval and that they will end up delaying closing until seller eventually gives up and holds us in Default and takes our earnest money, and I’m out everything (effort/time and money) I’ve put into trying to get “the best mortgage in America”

    Do people have similar stories? Did they have happy endings? What can I do? I’ve already seen the advice from @ttrumble not to contact BOA directly. but My closing coordinator isn’t picking up the phone and All his emails have told me is that he’s waiting to hear from BOA.


    Well, I’ve been uploading documents for a year now. They have a years worth of paystubs, three years of taxes, bank statements, etc. I’ve volunteered, been patient. We’ve spent $90 on credit reports and someone pays attention to us maybe once every six weeks? I call every day. Maybe twice on some days?


    @rockie where are you in the process?


    Oh my gosh yes! We were supposed to close on June 4, then the 13th… we’ve been UW CTC for 3 days now, waiting on final clear to close. No one at NACA will pick up the phone and talk with BofA. I have 4 kids, a baby due July 2 and our house is PACKED! Moving truck comes tomorrow. Can anyone help!


    I know your struggle same here! My closing date was 06/10/19. And they keep asking for stuff they have.

    @blakekindra did you finally get your CD? Supposedly after 3 days CTC your suppose to get a CD.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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