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    So one of the conditions given when we went for qualification at the end of May was participation. Now our previous MC had told us that the participation requirement you needed to fulfil before you could get NACA qualified was waived because of COVID and the offices being closed. We mentioned this to the new MC we have been assigned to after we went for qualification. We have also met the other conditions given. Still no word from MC. Has anyone been able to be qualified during this pandemic without doing the participation requirement?


    All volunteering opportunities for all members new and old is on hold until the offices open up to accept in person meetings. It has been mentioned maybe August. You can reach out to your local office Administrator/main number to see if they have any opportunities for you.

    And yes right now qualification is occurring without volunteering. It just means all members will probably get a slew of emails from their local office asking to volunteer once we can. Members who have been qualified but haven’t found a house yet will probably need to volunteer before closing. Members who haven’t yet qualified will probably need to volunteer first. Either way right now worry about getting your paperwork together.

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    @Nelsont ok thank you. What do i when my MC is not responsive, no emails, phone calls, nada. I just want an update to make sure file is complete and when it will be resubmitted for qualification. I talked to member services and they emailed her to review file. Still no communication. I know she is busy with ATD events but still… What else can i do besides keep emailing her? How can i expedite my file to qualification?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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