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    We have completed our bank app & our anticipated closing date on our purchasing contract is July 25. My MC emailed on Friday & asked me to submit HOI binder info. I sent it in on Monday. I call on Monday to speak with him, I am told that he is no longer with the company (even though his name is still listed on my website 4 days later) & that I should communicate with the person who oversees the local office. Ok, no problem, things happen.

    EVERY SINGLE TIME that I call, the Office Director is NEVER available. Again, ok, you’re busy. I understand that. I have sent at least 3 emails. Again–no responses to my specific email. I have also emailed my closing coordinator who said “The loan has yet to register with the lender. I do not know the reason or the status.” I emailed him again along with the Office Director and again–total silence. No response. I have called Member Services 2x to see if I had any conditions or if they could see a problem, they said there were no conditions.

    I also know that the appraisal was ordered on June 25 but it has not been conducted/uploaded. I was also told that I should be receiving mail from the bank throughout this process and I have not received anything. The only item that I know that I was responsible for so far was ensuring that the repairs were done. As of 7/11, some were done correctly, others were not & that should be corrected by 7/13.

    I NEED HELP! This is not ok. I have consistently tried to be the “polite pest” & that is not working as I am being ignored. We put in 45 days to close on our purchasing contract & that date is July 25. I have also submitted my 30 day notice to our landlords which expires on June 30.

    I have 2 daughters & a disabled husband, I do not want to be homeless & living in a hotel due to our closing being delayed. Something has clearly gone wrong. I simply want it rectified as soon as possible.

    Again, I understand that EVERYONE IS BUSY with so many NACA members & ATD events etc. But the quality of one’s service should never be compromised or sacrificed as a result of that busyness. EveryONE matters & deserves to have answers when they inquire about the status of their file.



    Are you able to stop by the NACA office? I think that their policy is that somebody will see you, you may have to wait but they will see you


    I just wanted to provide a brief update. I called Member Services before they closed on 7/12 & was told that they had assigned me to a new MC. She immediately transferred me to speak with the new MC. I still do not have any real answers on why my file wasn’t moving. And the new MC asked for a few days extension past the original closing date but hopefully, we’ll close no later than July 31. In the meantime, my file was HAND cleared which I am really thankful for.

    If you went to the Purchasing Workshop, there is a timeline in the book. I would make a copy or take a picture of it and look at it EVERY DAY and compare it to where you are in your process. The minute something is not lining up with that timeline, reach out to someone for help.



    Thank you for the suggestion. I hope you close on time


    @hanginginthere kudos to you for printing out the timeline in the NACA Purchase Workbook! I STRONGLY recommend that everyone follows this timeline as close as possible and start escalating when you’re off pace.



    Well you are doing much, much better than me. BOA has approved loan pending re-inspection. I passed the re-inspection and was told today by my hand counselor that the re-inspection may be rejected. You recommended the inspectors and provided a list. If they are “your” preferred Naca inspectors, shouldn’t their word count on the inspection and re-inspection. My closing date was July 16. Naca moved it to July 20. Today is July 24. I am seriously praying for a way to do my 5 volunteer assignments because there is no way in hell that I can stand before people and tell them to join the program. It is so disappointing and disheartening. Being a paralegal, the level of professionalism is so discouraging. No return calls and no return emails. Then you get the loan documents and you see all of the people who are about to be paid based on your loan that you will be paying over the next 30 years, and you are treated like a second class citizen. I honestly don’t know what to do. If we can’t close by the 31st, then we can lose our 2,000.00 in escrow. Good luck!



    @MissBeen25 send an email to @ttrumble to see if he can escalate this for you. Definitely don’t want to see you lose your $2000. @searching4homes any advice as to what @MissBeen25 can do?



    @jharris981 thank you so much for your encouraging words. I will wait until Thursday before emailing @ttrumble. My re-inspection will be provided tomorrow so I want to see what happens. Fingers crossed. & I have to be out by August 3rd so I’m beyond stressed right now.

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