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    Trying so much not to loose my composure but it’s very hard when things aren’t moving on . My webfile status have been N/A for a week now and I am getting frustrated. I am in continuous contact with my MC and CC and they keep telling me to give BOA time to work on my file . I have fulfilled every single condition posted for more than a week and all we are waiting for is the final review and I don’t even know how long it will take . My CC said that my file was sent to the underwriter on the 16th of January and BOA received my VOE on the 18th . My question is, does it take another 72 hrs for them to look at my file again since they just received my VOE ?
    If they order a new appraisal will I need to wait again another week ?
    What are my chances of closing next week Thursday?



    Welcome to the wonderful world of closing crazies. I was slated to close tomorrow but by the looks of it, that won’t be happening. Fingers crossed for Friday. N/A status for a week is odd, not sure what would be taking so long. Monday was a holiday so that slowed things down. I don’t think it should take another 72 hours but so my Fingers are crossed for you!



    After reading a few of the other blogs at this stage since all conditions on our side is completed and all the bank needs to do is order a reappraisal ( to make sure the seller completed their repairs which they did ) and review our form since they already have the VOE we should at least be given a closing disclosure and a closing date but instead everyone keeps seems to be to busy for our file . It is just frustrating getting everything done on time and properly just to be delayed by someone and something that is out of your control.

    What seems to be the delay for yours? If you don’t mind me asking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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