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    When does your interest rate lock for a new construction? Our purchase workshop is Thursday, we’re submitting our P&S on Thursday evening after the workshop or first thing Friday morning. We REALLY want this low interest rate before it goes back up.

    Would we lock now or would we have to wait until construction is finished before our interest rate locks in?


    It locks in when the P&S is accepted. Which is great if the interest increases. In my case, it sucked because while the home was being built, the interest rate decreased. It was crazy because I had to buy down my interest rate to the new rate for my payment to work. I am grateful and blessed nonetheless.


    You don’t have to wait until construction is complete, but look back at my past posts about rate locks and new construction for more detail on when. It’s not as simple as submitting the P&S agreement.



    How long before it expired? Will be be longer than 4 months?


    Hi @DeeCee, thanks for the recommendation to read your posts. I also just purchased new construction and will be submitting my P&S this Thursday. My home will not be completed until November and I am also worried about my rate lock. My question after reading your post is, were you able to renew your interest rate at the same rate it was locked at? Did you have to renew your rate more than once? Thanks so much


    you don’t have to renew the rate, it is locked when NACA received the P&S agreement and it’s locked for a year



    We didn’t have to renew. Sorry I missed these post notifications!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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