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    Hi! Are my expectations for communication way too high??

    Had phone intake session on Jan 17. I was proactive and uploaded all docs weeks prior.

    Did not receive action plan until after call ended. There was no time for counselor to go over my bank statements to confirm payment shock savings. I had been saving since December and would like that month and Jan to count towards the 3 months he says I need.

    We discussed docs he needed regarding car loans for my kids. I needed their bank stmts for the last year. I emailed all docs back the same day after our call and asked him to review my payment shock. He responded and stated he would review and get back with me.

    Still waiting. I emailed him again on Jan 27. Nothing. I left a voicemail last week. Nothing.

    Today I call member services and they are able to get a message to him asking for a response to my emails.

    He emails me to say that he will review my docs prior to our next meeting in APRIL!!

    I don’t want to wait until April for him to say something else is needed and then I am stuck waiting another 3 months for an appointment. Please note, if all is good with my payment shock, I should be ready for qualification in MARCH.

    He also calculated my income wrong but I will wait to address that since I am due for a yearly increase later this month.

    He was supposed to send the employment and rental verification forms as well after our call on Jan 17. Never got them.

    What can I do to get a response? Is this normal? I feel like he is non-enthusiastic to being helpful.


    It’s not exactly normal but all too common. Things you can do are attend an atd event, call your local office to try to schedule an appointment, sign up and volunteer.

    Generally speaking your MC will only work with you during your appointment unless you are at a stage that requires their attention such as after you’ve completed your action plan to submit for qualification or addressing conditions. If your MC wants to wait until your next appointment my guess is what they saw told them your payment shock starts now and won’t be back dated and you wouldn’t be ready before April. That’s only a guess though. They would have fast tracked you if you had everything at the moment. It’s pretty much come over prepared or wait.


    Thanks @Nelsont He never even looked at my bank statements to confirm or deny my payment shock. I know for sure I saved more than $200 over the amount on my action plan. It is plain sight over by bank balances.

    The only things outstanding for me would be the rest of the MRF and payment shock for February. Which will both be in place by Feb 29th.

    He also never even looked at my pay stubs to calculate my income correctly. He used the income I put on my budget forms. Not taking into account that I get paid bi-weekly. He input my child support amount incorrectly. I honestly feel like I am not being properly counseled.


    Well 200 is not necessarily your payment shock. It’s only the bare minimum if you’re rent is close to your approved amount. You could in theory have a $1000 payment shock depending on your finances.


    Payment shock is $350. That plus $200 equals $550. I am saving between $600-$625 minimum per month since December.


    That’s great!

    Is the sum total of all your accounts increasing by 350+?

    Having your savings account increase by 350 doesn’t count if your checking account and any additional savings account don’t stay flat or increase as well for example.


    Yes. I did my research on here first back in November and I created a spreadsheet once I knew they would be looking at the starting and ending balances.

    My checking balance is steady for each bank statement close date and savings account is increasing each month $600 – $625.


    This sounds about right. It took me 8 months to get approved. No credit repair or payment shock needed. Why did it take so long? My MC only looked at my file when I am at my meeting smh


    @cjax Right! And heaven’s forbid if they make a mistake! My Housing Counselor finally agreed to another meeting next week. So, hopefully I can get some things cleared up.


    Hello StayingFaithful,

    It’s not a matter of lack of enthusiasm. It’s about being overloaded.

    In no way do I want to diminish your concerns, but I suspect you’re focusing on your counselor telling you things you can easily determine for yourself and issues that I don’t think actually exist.

    For example, if you are meeting your Payment Shock requirements, it should be simple to determine. As nelsont noted, simply add the ending balance for all of your bank accounts each month and compare it to the total balance from the previous month. If the total has increased by at least your required Payment Shock amount, you’re good. If it didn’t increase by that much, you have a problem. You don’t need anyone else to figure that out. It will also answer your question about being able to count December-January.

    If you are certain about your statement “I know for sure I saved more than $200 over the amount on my action plan. It is plain sight over by bank balances”, I’m not sure what you are worried about. Maybe your counselor simply has a little faith in you getting the job done.

    Your income will be calculated by the system when the pay stub information is entered. At the point he entered the information an exact figure wasn’t necessary, so he used the information you provided on the budget for the sake of expediency. When you have the next appointment, the correct information will be there.

    Again, I’m not trying to be critical. I simply think you are reading things into this that just aren’t there. You had to build your Payment Shock, so it wasn’t necessary to do a precise income calculation at that point. Just input the information and let the system do its job.

    I suspect that what you are perceiving as nonchalance is actually confidence in your ability to do what is needed to get through the process as efficiently as possible.

    The best advice I can give you is to not be so worried about things and let the system work. My guess is that you’re in a lot better position than you think you are.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Is your housing counselor in the Newark office? If so, I can can recommend my counselor. She was pretty good.


    @Falyn Thanks, my counselor was out of Charlotte I believe, remote counselor

    All is well now. He and I are on the same page and I will be ready for qualification the end of this month. I am waiting on a bonus from my job to add to my MRF.

    However, he says I must wait until I get the bank statement showing the deposit. I will get a pay stub for the bonus on 2/28 but the bank statement won’t cut until 3/17. Which is going to force me to go to the Atlanta ATD event to get qualified because he has no appointments until late April.

    So, I must continue to wait….


    @Falyn I’m in the Newark office too. I had my intake this week. Just wondering who you worked with?

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