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    Aug 2017 Attended Naca workshop
    Oct 2017 First meeting with counselor. I had a lot to clean up on my credit
    January 2018 Second meeting with counselor. I had completed the
    tasks on my plan but still had a lot to work on. I stopped scheduling
    appointments to work on my credit health and savings.
    June 6,2020 Attended a virtual ATD event. I had finally gotten all of my affairs in
    order and saved my MRF. I thought that I would be qualified but instead
    the virtual counselor at the event gave me an action plan for me to get
    my VOE and VOR and updated tax transcripts.
    June 8,2020 Had an appointment with my local MC that got cancelled.
    Next appointment date scheduled for 6/17/2020.
    June 17,2020 Had a virtual appointment with my local MC and had to re-upload a
    bunch of bank statements and write a bunch of LOEs. Recommendation:
    *Reduce the number of cash app transactions. I have teenagers so that was
    the bulk of the LOEs. Next appointment scheduled for 6/24/2020.
    June 24,2020 Virtual appointment with local MC that requested that I send in
    more items that I had uploaded the last time. I have all of my documents
    on my computer so that wasn’t a problem. She stated that she would send
    my file to UW but for some reason that did not happen. I tried contacting
    her through email which she admitted that she rarely responds to, so I
    had to wait a month for another appointment with her. Next appointment
    scheduled for 7/22/2020.
    July 22,2020 Virtual appointment with counselor. Had to submit LOE that I am staying
    with my parents because I chose not to renew my lease. The price for
    month to month was ridiculous. File finally submitted to UW while we were
    in our meeting. I was glad to actually witness her submitting my file. No
    follow up appointment was schedule I guess because she assumed that I
    would be qualified.
    July 29,2020 UW not qualified, condition. The condition was that I had to provide
    proof of paying my rent on time for a year. What happened with that is
    that a new company had taken over the apartment complex, therefore I only
    had 7 months of payments showing on the VOR. I submitted the documents
    the same day and called the office manager explaining that I need the
    counselor to resubmit my file. Of course, you need an appointment with
    your MC to go over what you submitted, so that appointment was set for
    Aug. 7.
    Aug. 7,2020 Virtual appointment with MC. Everything I had uploaded for my conditions,
    had to be resubmitted in a different format. I am assuming that my MC
    wanted to ensure that the UW could clearly see what it was. Resubmitted
    to UW.
    Aug.9,2020 Attended another virtual ATD hoping that an underwriter could look at my
    file being that it had been submitted, in hopes of being qualified
    instantly. Mind you, I was #731 in the queu and waited around all day to
    hear from a counselor to be told that they are no longer doing on the
    spot qualifications due to the large number of new people attending the
    Aug. 10,2020 Received text that I was qualified! Schedule the Purchase workshop for
    8/13/2020. I will continue to update you on the rest of my journey as I
    appreciated reading everyone else’s timeline! Good luck to everyone and
    your patience will be tried to the fullest, but Naca will save me a ton
    of $$$ in the long run!!!

    Lady B


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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