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    I recently saw my status changed from C&I Approved to N/A. Can anyone provide me with what is going on? I was informed I should close on 8/13 but I have yet to receive the closing disclosure. Is that date still a good date? I am very confused at this point after all the work went into getting to the closing table. I have already had the contract extended 3X and been in the mortgage process a few days shy of 60 days. Any help would be grateful @TTrumble



    I think you should be fine. If memory serves me correct, my file went from C&I Approved to N/A to Processing and is currently at UW CTC (all changes in a matter of days). I haven’t received the CDs, but it sounds like the end of the process may be near for you. Keep the faith.



    How long were you in the N/A Status? I have been here for a week now and no change. Did you receive your CD yet and/or closed? I am keeping the faith and will not be deterred but the uncertainty is hard to grasp.



    My file was in the N/A status for no more than a day or two. My file went from C&I Approved to N/A to Processing to UW CTC back to C&I Approved for two to three days then back to UW CTC and then finally CTC FINAL (last two status changes happened on the same day – within hours). I received the CD towards the end of last week. Hope to close by the end of this week.


    @jrayne302 and @brosenterprises Did you guys close?


    Hey @southflorida, sorry for the delay. Yes, we closed in mid August – thanks for asking! What’s your timeline again?


    The house is being built expected to be finished around December/January. Right now my status is C&I Approved and the only outstanding condition is the homeowners insurance which I can’t get before 45 days of closing so I think at this point I just have to wait and cross fingers


    Very good!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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