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    Good Morning,

    We were NACA Qualified yesterday and we have to attend the Purchase Workshop this coming Thursday.

    I was reviewing the email and info on my webfile which asks for a realtor that we are working with to be provided prior to attending the workshop. I know that you can use any realtor “of your choice unless the agent has been removed from the NACA program for actions NACA has determined to be harmful or otherwise problematic.”

    My questions are the following:

    1. Has anyone worked another real estate agent other than one appointed by NACA?

    2. What was your experience like in regards to availability with a NACA real estate agent?

    3. Are there specific things that the real estate agent must know in order to help you complete the NACA purchase program process?

    4. What are the pros and cons of a NACA real estate agent?

    5. What the the pros and cons of an outside real estate agent?


    1. I don’t believe that NACA appoints a real estate agent for you, the Real Estate Dept (RED) can provide you with a list of realtors in your area that have attended the NACA real estate training and that NACA members have recommended. Their email is . If you want to work with an outside realtor you also have to complete an Outside Agent Selection Form that RED will provide to you.

    2. For us, there was only one NACA recommended realtor in our area on the list. The rest were further out which would have caused issues with availability for viewing houses. Once we knew we were qualified, we wanted to start looking at houses ASAP. We ended up working with a realtor who had attended the NACA training but wasn’t on the “list”. Most likely because she just started working with members.

    3. If you want to work with an outside realtor they must attend the NACA real estate training. They will learn everything there. I know the training is usually offered on the first Tuesday of the month. You can call your NACA office to inquire about when the next one will be held.

    4. The pros would be that they are extremely familiar with the NACA process and have worked with others NACA members before. The con might be that they are a little further out from your area.

    5. The pros would be that you most likely have a relationship with them and they are close to your area. The con would be that they need to familiarize themselves with NACA’s process and be prepared to advocate for you with sellers, which they may or may not be comfortable with.

    You have to select your realtor before the workshop because they are unable to print out your affordability form without it. At least that is what we were told. We went with a NACA approved agent that we had met with earlier in our process, when we were still trying to get qualified. We weren’t going to use her, as I will explain later, but she’s in our area. That was the top priority for us. I will say that you have to be very comfortable with your realtor and build a relationship with them. Some realtors tried to talk us out of using NACA, and honestly our realtor now even presented other options to us. However, we were SET on using NACA. Just have a firm voice about what you want and your realtor should do everything in their power to make it happen. Especially because they are getting a commission off of your purchase! Do your research but remember your 90 day clock has started. You can always get re-qualified after that, but I’m sure that you are trying to buy a house as soon as possible. 🙂


    Thanks for the prompt and detailed response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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