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    Recently I attended a webinar and someone asked if you don’t have a current ID for the state you live in, you can use a passport as long as you update prior to closing. Has anyone experience this? Like why pay to have an updated License and then when you purchase your home have to pay for a address change. My MC says we can’t become qualified if we don’t have our IDs updated.


    Unless they changed the rules since 2019 the address on your ID as well as the address on your bills both need to match the address at which you currently live. This is in part to prevent housing fraud which is also why it’s a federal regulation to not accept PO boxes.

    Now if you want to purchase in a different city or state you can certainly do that by jumping through some hoops but it’s possible.


    Thanks. It’s just you can’t get an appointment or reach anyone on the phone due to this pandemic. It will definitely be switched by closing. All bills show current address even bank statements.


    Have you tried doing the switch online? Usually change of address services can be done in 30 seconds online.


    Pay the $20 bucks for the new license and save yourself the hassle . Think bigger picture


    I’m not sure if I’m understanding, but my driver’s license was set to expire the same month as the projected closing, and it was flagged. Since we’re buying in a different city than we live in, and I also didn’t want to go through the hassle of renewing only to renew again, especially during the COVID, I used my passport. It did have the current address, but I’m pretty sure that the ID is to confirm your identity, not your address. Any ID that is expired is no longer valid. So I could see if they were saying it has to be updated as in unexpired.

    If not, the post-qual handbook actually seems to say the reverse of what your MC seems to be saying. P. 31: You need to provide “Any new ID obtained since NACA Qualification. If you have moved, provide updated bank statements, utility bills or identification with your new address.”

    That makes it seems like the old ID is fine as long as the new address is on the rest.

    Then again, apparently it’s actually a crime in some states not to update your address on your ID within 30 days of moving so… There’s that.


    I have recently moved from another state. My ID is still current just has the out of state address. The MC is saying we must req an ID of the new state before becoming NACA qualified. We provided bills and bank statements with current address of new state along with passport.


    Hello TLM1972,

    The passport is an acceptable form of ID, all by itself, period. In fact it’s specified in the Patriot Act.

    However, on the more practical side of the question, almost every state requires that you get a license in the new state within 30 days of moving there, so you might as well go ahead and get a new one anyway.

    Best thing to do is grab the mask and nitrile gloves, head down to the DMV and just get all the hassles out of the way.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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