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    Two questions:

    1) Did anyone have trouble obtaining a list of NACA agent referrals or is it just my luck?
    2) Is there a publicly available list of agents that are NACA certified? I did a Google search for my area and I even posted on Trulia. No luck.


    i had a lot of trouble as well, actually. I was able to get a list of the “naca referral agents” which only had about 4 people on the list. After much back and forth with the real estate department i found that these “referral agents” are they only ones they can specifically direct you to if you don’t have a realtor. Keep in mind- these are the realtors that have been mentioned previously that give NACA .33% of their commissions. You can still work with any other realtor- they just have to attend the realtor workshop on the first tuesday of the month.

    The “NACARED” email should be able to provide a list of referral agents in your area- if that doesn’t work, as your office manager to get it for you.
    It would make the process somewhat easier if you find an agent that is familiar with the program. My first agent was familiar with the program (just not listed as a “referral” agent” but i didn’t really feel that she was a good realtor for various reasons. I ended up going with a Realtor that a co-worker suggested and who i had met previously. This realtor is very good, but the downside is there is more help from me to tell her “what happens next” because she had never dealt with the program.

    good luck!


    Thanks for the information jhatt. Are you still house hunting or have you purchased a home already with this realtor?

    I will look into finding an outside realtor. I was just hoping to use someone that is experienced with NACA.

    The RE dept said that they need to update my file with realtor information before I attend the purchase workshop (which is now in two days), but they have yet to send me a list of referrals. I’ve been asking for one since November 19th. Maybe Tim can provide insight on what the process is to pull the agent list because I don’t understand what the holdup is.

    As you advised, I have also contacted the office manager requesting her assistance in obtaining some referrals. I hope someone will be able to send me a list in the next couple days.


    An update to this:

    Two weeks and four requests later, I finally received a list of referral agents from NACA.


    I wonder this too. I’m concerned that we live in a state where there is no NACA office present. And I highly doubt that there are any NACA certified agents, but I don’t know for sure. And I doubt they are going to attend a workshop in another state to be certified. But again, I don’t know. And furthermore, what happens if we are only trying to purchase the house we have been renting & have no realtor at all because one is not needed? Thanks!


    Hello deachr519,

    Your question is best directed to the NACA Real Estate Department. You can email them at

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thank you for the information!!!


    Hi all,

    I know that this post is ancient but I want to inquire about the same topic: Referral Agents.
    Does anyone have the list of Referral Agents for the NYC/ New Jersey area? Or does anyone have a recommendation of a NACA experienced Agent in the NYC/ Jersey area? @gordiva123, as I remember reading you purchased in the Old Mill Basin area (the current area I’m looking into).
    I have emailed about four times already and have not gotten a response. Any member support would be greatly appreciated?

    – Thanks!


    @Jordan Monalisa try calling RED. You can use any realtor of your choosing, though. They just need to sign up as a vendor on NACA’s website and watch NACA’s webinar. There’s really no interaction on old threads like these. You’d be better off just starting a new.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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