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    2018 NACA timeline DMV AREA
    07/25/18- NACA intake July 25 2 pm
    (My Amazing MC tried scheduling me an appointment the next week but I had a 2-week vacation.)
    08/16/18 Follow up appointment
    08/23/18- resolved issues on the action plan
    08/31/18- resolved issues on the action plan
    09/28/18 -Naca Qualified
    10/4/18- NACA Purchase Workshop
    10/24/18- located the 1st house
    10/27/18- Put offer on a house
    10/27/18- 1st House offer accepted
    10/29/18-1st Home inspection
    10/31/18- gave seller copy of inspection report and asked them to complete repairs.
    10/31/18-1st Credit Access request and loan estimate received
    11/2/18-1st Credit access approved and 1st Bank App

    11/2/18- HAND contacted me with the repair list

    11/04/18- Asked seller to make repairs 10/31 and seller and agent never responded. She listed the house again and lowered the price. (My agent and I had a weird feeling so we weren’t surprised. House had been on the market a very long time and they took long to respond to everything.)

    11/04/2018- Located House # 2

    11/05/18- Requested PSL for house #2 from MC

    11/06/18- Received PSL for house # 2 from MC

    11/06/18- Contract was officially canceled on house #1 but I had already begun looking.

    11/7/18- Put in an offer on house # 2 but the seller came back with a 7,000 price increase if I want any closing help.

    11/7/18- HAND Webinar

    11/10/18- Seller comes back saying that they would accept my offer but with 2% closing help, not 3%. We proceed with the contract.

    11/11/18- I didn’t like how they tried upping the price so I wanted to look at a few more houses before signing on the dotted line. The Realtor said we could go the following day.

    11/12/18- Went house shopping and went back to review house # 2.

    NACA process with the 1st house was super smooth the process with the 2nd house is chaotic! Webfile started to have all types of tech glitches and it was hard to get anyone to see what I knew was a problem. It was perceived as something that was going to work itself out. It definitely wasn’t because no one knew that a problem existed THANK GOODNESS MY Office manager listened to me or I would be in trouble.

    11/13/18- 2nd P&S Signed

    11/15/18- 2nd Credit access request (File reviewed by the same UW but this time she was having trouble and kept coming back with things that were in the file so thankful for my MC and his manager)

    11/16/18- 2nd Home inspection

    11/18/18 -Inspection submitted to NACA

    11/19/18- The day of confusion with NACA credit access. They couldn’t see my file and have not even looked at it. IT contacted by my amazing office manager.

    11/21/2018- 2nd Credit Access approved and 2nd Bank app submitted. (took 1 week instead of 3 days due to glitch but could have been much worse. MC came in on his day off with his son so I could sign the app!)
    -Signed docs for the title company.

    11/23/2018- Seller came back with what he was willing to repair and credit at closing and we replied back requesting everything is fixed prior to closing.

    11/26/18- reached out to HAND because I had not received required repair list.
    (I was told that because of the IT issue my file had been overlooked but I need to contact another individual who could help me. Left a VM for that person.)
    -Seller comes back agreeing to fix requested repairs before closing.

    11/27/18- Conditions came back from the lender (things that were in my file but just sent within 1 hr of request)
    -Closing coordinated (CC)contacted me
    -HAND sent required repairs ( the person who sent me repair list was amazing with his communication and worked on my file as soon as he could.)
    -Appraisal done on property
    -File assigned to someone at BOA

    11/28/18- Seller agrees to make repairs and property repairs agreement sent for my signature.

    11/30/18- Home appraisal came in
    -CC reached out to the bank because I still haven’t gotten my initial approval from the bank. He said we should hear something back by 12/3/18.
    (Whatever is wrong with my web file is causing confusion still but informed IT was preparing for the save the dream event in Philly and my MC AND Office Manager are there as well.)

    12/1/18- Finally can see lender conditions on file

    12/3/18- One of the conditions I sent back to lender still listed as not being addressed. (Reached out to CC because today we were supposed to hear back from the bank but instead, I got an email saying that my loan had JUST been submitted. HOPING that this is due to the glitch with my web file.)

    12/4/18- CC responded saying he told the bank we need a response ASAP.
    -CC markered the lender condition as addressed on my file.
    -Title company sent over necessary title information.

    12/5/18- CC had to escalate my file around 2 pm because the bank was not responding.
    -Finally got C&I approved as well as another condition.
    -Did the re-inspection after seller did repairs and one repair still needs to be fixed.

    12/06/18- Sent in the documentation for lender condition
    – Seller has a contractor already on the repair.

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    Congratulations on being able to find something twice!

    I am looking in the DMV area as well, may I ask what city you are looking in? I’m having a tough time finding somewhere DC commutable but still priced reasonably well.



    Thank you so much! Definitely, want to mention I had 3 offers not accepted. I found a place in Waldorf, MD.


    Thank you for your response!

    I also have had 3 offers not accepted so maybe I will luck up on the fourth one like you!! Congrats again.



    Yes, you will find something that is perfect for you. Please update when you find something 🙂 Any questions that you have and I can answer I definitely will. Just want to throw out there I download all the listing apps and stalked them. The two houses my offers were accepted on I found.



    Update to timeline

    12/07/18- Inspector inspected the last repair and submitted the report to HAND.
    -HAND cleared my file (THE TWO GENTLEMEN J&L were amazing..don’t know if it’s ok to say their names lol)`

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