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    My NACA Timeline
    2/4/2017 – NACA Homebuying Workshop

    3/31 – First intake appointment

    6/8 – Follow-up appointment

    7/6 – Appointment to be submitted to UW

    7/14 – Submitted to UW

    7/21 – Came back with a few conditions, wrote a few LOE’s (who am I kidding, I wrote a lot of LOE’s) LOL. Resubmitted

    7/25 – Resubmitted to UW

    8/1 – NACA Approved

    8/3 – Purchase Workshop

    8/5 – Started the housing search. My realtor was the best. 10 years NACA experience. I can give you his info if you are in the Charleston area.

    8/12 – Housing search again. I made it easy for him by doing all of the searching and sending the houses that I wanted to see. Saw a house that was on the market for 2 days.

    8/13 – Made a full price offer. Contract stated 9/28 closing date

    8/14 – Offer accepted (Look at God)

    8/17 – Meeting to submit paperwork for Credit Access

    8/22 – Home inspection, Termite Inspection and Apprasal (all done on the same day) Gotta love my realtor.

    8/29 – Bank App submitted

    8/30 – Came back with only one condition (LOE to explain why my salary decreased from 2016 to 2017). I just let the system work. Every day that I checked my file, I saw some sort of movement, so I didn’t worry too much

    9/18 – Got a email for that said CLEAR TO CLOSE. Totally didn’t expect it so soon. A email followed from the title company with the date and time. 9/28/2017. $215K house with 1.8% interest rate.

    It wont be as easy for everyone. My key is to find a realtor with NACA experience. He was always on top of everything. I also lined all of my ducks in a row before I attended the homebuying workshop. Of course at times I wanted to give up because I felt as though “they were not moving when I wanted them to” lol. But along with you and many others, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.







Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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