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    1/28/2017 – Attended NACA Home Buyer Workshop.
    2/2/2017 – Member account was created.
    3/30/2017 – Attended 1st Counseling appointment via phone.
    5/24/2017 – Attended 2nd Counseling appointment via phone.
    5/30/2017 – 3rd Counseling appointment via phone – This was a no call and no update situation from the MC
    6/2/2017 – 4th Counseling appointment via phone – At this time I wasn’t sure what the MC was doing. I get scheduled for an appointment every week without explanation on why or what we are going to do. But I had already turned in everything on the Action Plan by the 2nd counseling session.
    6/8/2017 – 5th Counseling appointment via phone – I didn’t know the essence of this appointment. At this point, I was already getting frustrated because I didn’t know what was going on. I would email the MC and he wouldn’t respond. I wrote to NACA Services to replace my MC, but I never got a response on whether they would do it. So, I kept my cool even though upset. Then about 9 PM, I got a notification for a 6th Counseling appointment.
    6/14/2017 – 6th Counseling appointment via phone – I didn’t know the purpose of this appointment too because I didn’t get any feedback from the MC.
    6/15/2017 – 7th Counseling appointment via phone – Finally, the MC reached out and said I didn’t have enough MRF, so we agreed on a time. Then 8th counseling appointment was scheduled.
    7/6/2017 – 8th Counseling appointment via phone – I thought the MC will move my file forward on this date as agreed to on 6/15/17 but hey that didn’t happen. The MC call and said he was reviewing my file and will call me by end of day or the following morning.
    7/7/2017 – 9th Counseling appointment via phone – The MC called and said everything seemed good and will move my file to a NACA Underwriter and we should wait another week.
    7/13/2017 – 10th Counseling appointment via phone – I waited a week before this appointment but nothing moved. On this 10th counseling session, additional Action Plan item emerged and I addressed that same day.
    7/14/2017 – File submitted to a NACA Underwriter.
    7/17/2017 – File came back from Underwriter with a condition. It stated that I should provide proof of July rent payment. My rent is done through automatic withdrawal, no canceled check and bank statement will be available until 8/1/17. I requested my Bank to issue a certified bank statement detailing my activities from 7/1/17 – 7/17/17 with LOE of why there is no canceled check. I uploaded the document to the Web-file.
    7/18/2017 – MC resubmitted my file back to the Underwriter, but he was skeptical on the document I provided. He submitted it anyway.
    7/25/2017 – Became NACA Qualified and Referral Agent assigned.
    7/27/2017 – Attended purchase workshop and started house search.
    8/7/2017 – Made an offer a property and seller countered.
    8/8/2017 – Finally, another offer made and the seller accepted.
    8/9/2017 – Purchase and Sales Agreement sent into NACA file.
    8/10/2017 – Had all required inspections done (home and termite inspection)
    8/11/2017 – All inspection reports sent to the NACA file and file status changed to “Property Selected”
    8/16/2017 – Credit Access Application Submitted
    8/21/2017 – Underwriter came back with couple conditions which were addressed right away. File sent back to UW for Credit Access approval.
    8/22/2017 – HAND review of home inspection report done. No repair list – property is only 2yrs old.
    8/23/2017 – Credit Access Approved.
    8/24/2017 – Bank application submitted in the morning. Appraisal report and home insurance uploaded to the file by evening.
    8/28/2017 – Received lender’s conditions.
    8/29/2017 – Addressed lender’s conditions.
    9/5/2017 – Closing Disclosure received – It had a tentative closing date of 9/11/17.
    9/11/2017 – No closing happened. Additional conditions emerged: one I address and the second is an update to NACA 1003 which NACA will have to do.
    9/13/2017 – Nothing has happened to my file till now. The file still shows “Mortgage Application at Lender”. No official closing date yet. The p&s agreement has a closing date of 9/22/17 (on or before). I am getting worried now because any more conditions can cause us to miss that date. Addressing set of conditions do typically take about a week from response date. The condition I responded to on 9/11/17 is not showing addressed on the web-file. Nobody is talking either, Tim Trumble has responded to my email twice now. It looks like he the only reliable one, I wish he is the one handling my file.



    What does the status below mean? This is the last status I have on the lender condition list. Some of the items before it are still pending.

    “9/12/2017 12:02:00 PM Lender: Updated approval/conditions letter”



    9/15/2017 – The COC and 1003 was rejected again with a comment that the page 4 of borrower application should be updated to show the correct amount the seller is contributing.
    9/20/2017 – After several efforts to reach out to MC & CC and intervention of @ttrumle by involving Regional Manager, the one condition holding us back was finally addressed and the file was sent to UW for final review.
    9/21/2017 – UW cleared the file and CTC was issued.

    I am so happy right now. The closing date on the contract is 9/22/17 based I don’t think it will happen tomorrow. I am not worried any longer because I got the word “CTC” that I have been waiting for. I know it is only a matter of days we’ll close. I will update the forum later as I get more information.


    Congratulations what a great feeling



    Hello Alora,

    Great news! Congratulations! I’m glad I could be of some assistance.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA



    Hello All,
    I CLOSED today!!! I was surprised we made the closing date on the contract. I am still trying to understand what just hit me. It has been quite a journey but owning a $295K home with a 2.625% interest rate is worth the struggle. I want to thank NACA for giving me the opportunity. Special thanks to @ttrumble for everything and responses to our questions. Thanks to every member who shares their journey and situations to enlighten other members. I just thank God!!!



    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your journey!


    Congrats!!!!! Blessing on your new home



    @blessedfam5 @Newbeginning23 Thank you!


    Congrats and @ttrumble IS DEF ALWAYS A GREAT HELP

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