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    I started the NACA process in 2016 but I discontinued because I felt that I wasn’t ready for homebuying. Now I’m ready so I’ve jumped back into the NACA program.

    My first appt was scheduled in February 2020 with a counselor that was given high ratings on this forum. She scheduled my follow-up appt for March but I received an email cancelling my appt. I thought it was due to the pandemic until I talked to a friend who was attending a NACA webinar. I called Customer Service and my local office and was told my counselor had resigned so I was re-assigned to a 2nd counselor and scheduled for an appt in April.

    April comes and the 2nd counselor told me to sign up for the May ATD event so that I can qualify sooner and she scheduled a follow up appt for July. I attended the ATD event in May but was disconnected from the queue at 12am. I called NACA the next day and was scheduled with a counselor who submitted my file the same day. I was deemed unqualified with conditions based on wrong & incomplete information. The ATD counselor omitted my 401k payments which count towards the Shock Payment. The Underwriters said I was paid three times for one month when I wasn’t and that I haven’t saved my Shock Payment which is only $-83!

    Yesterday, I received a call cancelling my July appt because my counselor was double booked. I was told that I would receive another call to reschedule. Luckily, I’m scheduled for the August ATD.

    Due to all the scheduling mishaps with my local office, I called Customer Service to change local offices so that I can be assigned to my very first counselor from 2016 who received rave reviews on here. I was told that a District Manager will need to approve the change.

    TL/DR: I’m done with all the appt cancellations and double bookings. Forum members have often stated that NACA takes patience. I’ve been as patient as possible! Is it possible that I can skip the local office counselors all together and just attend ATD events?


    Your 401k payments count toward payment shock???? Not if it’s a loan. Maybe if it’s a retirement disbursement.

    If your payment shock is less than 200 they still want you to save 200 as a payment shock.

    You can qualify without the use of the loca office.


    I actually think paying off your 401k loan does count toward payment shock. The loan also counts towards debt.


    Hello Nelsont! Let me clarify that I don’t have a 401k loan. I make bi-weekly payments into my 401k retirement account which I was told count towards your Payment Shock. I also save way more than $200 per month. I don’t understand what the loan underwriters were looking at because their statement was all over the place and untruthful. Maybe it was fatigue and burnout.

    I think I’ll just stick to the ATD events since the local office scheduling and cancellations have been a nightmare in my journey. Thank you!


    Hello CommonCents,

    For the sake of clarity, 401k contributions MAY be counted as part of Payment Shock Savings. “If the Member is using the 401k contributions to document Payment Shock Savings, a commitment letter from the member indicating the contribution is voluntary and they are willing to stop it or reduce it if they were to need the funds to make the mortgage payment.”

    You can continue with the ATD events all you want, but you must still have a permanent counselor assigned, and that person will be from either the local office or Remote Counseling at the National Counseling Center. Additionally, once you are qualified, yoru Mortgage Consultant must be licensed for the state in which you are going to buy, which could potentially put you back in the local office again.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    @TTrumble thanks for this piece of nugget ” 401k contributions MAY be counted as part of Payment Shock Savings ” !!!


    Hello @TTrumble! I was saying ‘401k payments’ when I should have been saying ‘401k contributions’ and yes, I had to write a LOE to consent to lowering contributions if necessary.

    The local office I wish to transfer to is located in the state I plan to purchase. Thanks for the response!

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