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    Hello All,

    I read a lot of the threads on the forum, with some scaring me hoping I do not run into the brick walls or having a counselor who does not answer calls or emails days at a time. So far so good for me 🙂 . I will begin to share my journey as I continue to move on with the process. Everyone journey is different and here goes mine:

    Workshop – March 2018

    First Intake meeting scheduled – August 21. Actual meeting July 11. I called my NACA office to be added to the cancellation list, this is how my appointment was moved up :).
    1st Intake meeting summary – credit report pulled, reviewed files uploaded, created action plan – LOE for different addresses on credit report, different last name on credit reports, complete payment shock, continue to pay bills on time, and pay off debt as I can.

    Follow-up Meeting scheduled – October 11 ( My counselor resigned and I was appointment with new counselor. Luckily I was able to keep same appointment for new counselor.)
    Follow-up Meeting summary – Reviewed over files with new counselor. Credit report pulled again due to it being after 60 days from first intake. Credit scored improved by 64 points due to being able to paying off debt, payment shock completed, submitted for Qualification :).
    Now qualification pending.

    Lesson Learn which can help others:
    1. You do not need to have your full MRF but you need to have the reserve amount in your account to be submitted for qualification. Rather be safe than sorry have in mind for you to be submitted for qualification to have all funds for MRF.
    2. ” Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Be overly prepared. Sometimes files do not upload as it states it does on the website so make copies of everything and bring with you just in case it is needed once you go for your appointment. I brought a big 3 big ring binder and placed every copy of everything and more into the binder. If I did not have copies, I probably would have not be able to be submitted for qualification. You counselor is there to help
    3. ” Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

    I will continue to update as my process go. I am not in a fast rush but as my lease ends in April but I am right on track for where I want to be and also have wiggle room just in case it is needed.


    I am totally lost in this entire process. My counselor is not communicating with me professionally at all. I don’t want to complain out of fear that my file will be sabotaged. I am just trying to gain an understanding of what the underwriter is requesting of me and I can’t get a clear answer on what that is. Any question I ask is met with frustration and short, cut off answers. Every one is saying it’s worth it to have patience but I am feeling very discouraged. I do understand the mortgage payment and interest rate would be worth waiting on but at the cost of my dignity? I’m not sure. I think it’s a great program but my counselor, I just don’t know. I keep trying to give her chances to improve but it’s not happening. If I don’t know what to work on and exact figures how can I prepare myself to be approved. I was promised in the workshop that no one was turned away and I provided every single document needed and was assured I would be approved in which I know is NOT in the hands of the counselor. It’s in the underwriter’s hands but I cannot get an answer of what exactly I need to do. The action plan is like 2 sentences long and is so general. I need specifics to be able to get this done. I’m not sure why I was submitted when my debt and everything else was clear and apparent and discussed several times. I was assured it would all be fine because I have 401k but this is not true at all. My credit is good so that’s not an issue. I know my credit card debt is an issue but still I was assured from the beginning that that would not be an issue to be approved. Every time I was asked of one more document and I provided that and then no response. When I ask for an update I’m met with frustration and shortness. I do not know this person personally and am not quite sure why I am being treated this way. It’s hard but I’m actually praying for God to tell me is this really worth going through. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you try member services? They can get the MC to email you back. You can also try the office manager and calling them. If your office is close enough, go there in person and refuse to leave until someone answers you. Or request a new MC if this one can not do the job.

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