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    I am in the middle of underwriting, have already had my inspections (which the seller is still addressing some things) and my closing date is happening on 3/2/2020! I absolutely adore my MC and the team I have. Everyone from NACA is super on top of everything! Below is my timeframe as I am inching closer to my closing date! Mind you, I have already paid my earnest money and paid for two inspections.

    10/29/19 – 3rd Intake Appointment; started rental verification process
    10/30/19 – Employment verified
    11/02/19 – volunteered in workshop
    11/12/19 – next appointment scheduled to be qualified; counselor had to reschedule
    11/18/19 – next appointment scheduled to be qualified; I had to reschedule because I had a baby
    12/2/19 – next appointment scheduled to be qualified
    12/10/19 – rental verification finally completed
    12/26/19 – I am officially qualified! Went to the purchase workshop and met the first NACA real estate agent I worked with
    1/3/20 – first offer was put on the first house I saw
    1/9/20 – after the first offer was denied, I attempted to put in another offer, but the real estate agent was unable to do it without her boss who was MIA for a week. My MC switched me over to another agent, but I ended up working with another one who I am still with to this day
    1/10/20 – the new agent was able to put in the second offer on this house
    1/13/20 – I was notified of the interest rate I needed to have for the house. The seller did not want to go through with any offers, even when I put in for full, no concessions. I ended up putting in an offer for the second house which was declined because they went with another buyer
    1/17/20 – I put in an offer on the third and MY house
    1/21/20 – Home and pest inspection was conducted
    1/23/20 – I received my loan estimate
    1/24/20 – Received the repair list from HAND
    1/25/20 – List was sent to the seller
    1/26/20 – Seller came back that they will address everything but the structural engineering
    1/30/20 – I was still working with my MC to clean up my file.
    2/3/20 – The underwriter thought I was married so I had to clear that up
    2/4/20 – I was notified by HAND that I had to obtain the structural engineer for inspection of the foundation
    2/5/20 – I had to go sign my bank app; condition on my file came back for the home insurance policy to be corrected
    2/7/20 – Structural Engineer certified the foundation as having no issue; I also received my appraisal report this day
    2/11/20 – seller states that he is finished with the repairs; conditions come back with concerns about me sending money to my kid’s father
    2/13/20 – reinspection occurs and HAND does not clear the conditions due to the leak in the attic, furnace short cycling and A/C not being tested; there is also concern around whether all my hospital bills need to be paid even though I have been on a payment plan and they are in the middle of negotiation
    2/14/20 – seller is supposed to be getting the issue repaired
    2/18/20 – same Home Insurance condition came back. MC takes care of it!
    2/19/20 – the title company called me stating that I had to go get my occupancy permit from the city which I did within the hour. I had to pay for the permit, file a tax form and get an onboarding from the city.
    2/21/20 – I joined the sellers forum because I am so anxious about what is going on and I do not want to annoy people and constantly call them. It feels like it has been a month since I last from anyone but after typing out the timeline, I realized it has only been 3 days LOL. File is currently in the underwriting – pend incomplete status

    3/2/20 – closing date!

    Please send all positive vibes, energy, and prayers this way! Any advice on what I can do to not go crazy and check my file every 15 minutes is very much appreciated. I try to keep busy as I have a full-time job, 3 kids and started another business venture which requires a lot of research upfront.

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    Sending positive vibes your way and God’s blessings!


    Thank you so much 2BLESSED

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