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    @ttrumble — We have a Mortgage Credit Certificate program in my state (Alabama). They work with many lenders but Bank of America is currently not one of those lenders. Can you pass on this program on to the regional director for my area to see if they can become eligible too? Here’s a link to Alabama Housing Finance Authority’s site:



    @dreamhome2018 I am in Alabama as well. I actually reached out to the housing authority about them joining NACA or learning more about the program. I hit a wall. They pretty much said good luck with the purchase of your home.


    @kirkan1981 – what did they say? Any particular reason they gave for not working with NACA? Even if they won’t work with NACA, I hope that there may be a way to add BOA to their list of lenders. If they can then you and I should be able to use the MCC. It’s not a grant or a loan, so I don’t think they have to have any affiliation with NACA. Did you ask them about BOA or just NACA? Maybe I can call them and ask how BOA can be added to their list. It may be something that the regional director may have to do, though. I’m hoping @ttrumble can chime in with advice.



    @dreamhome2018 I just went back and found my email. The program I was inquiring about was the down payment assistance program. Not the MCC. Although I do see it on the site as an option but as you have stared BOA is not a preferred lender so I didn’t dig more into it. I would love to hear what Tim has to say on how to get the bank added to the list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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