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    So someone calculated my HOA amount wrong and I guess the new amount is slightly over my given amount. I receive child support direct deposited every week for 2 kids. My son is turning 18 next year but my ex-husband will be providing the same support amount through college, so for the next 5 yrs. My MC originally calculated my loan amount based off of half the support due to my son turning 18. My ex has written a letter stating that support will continue to be direct deposited for him for the next 5 years (i have given this letter prior to qualification) and my MC is now going to submit my bank app with the full support amount. Does anyone think BOA will accept this? I am going to lose my earnest deposit and home inspection money if they don’t. I’m so upset right now. My other option is to buy down but dont have the amount needed for that.


    You should be fine. Let’s recognize the MCs while only human should not be submitting you to uw at any point in the process if they feel you don’t have the necessary requirements met. In most cases it’s not a set of rules that can’t be bent but rather a set of guidelines with gray areas. Your MC submitted you meaning you should be fine. If this was really an issue you wouldn’t have gotten this far to begin with.


    Thank you for the prompt response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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