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    Has anybody been successful getting their medical bills excused using the medical bill exception? I have $4,000 in medical bills from an emergency room visit in August 2018. At what point do I ask for the exception?


    I don’t think you ask naca for any exceptions. You either pay your bill or you don’t. You will have to explain it regardless.

    I believe medical bills can be excused if they prevent payment shock. I’m not sure they can be excused just because.


    If it’s within 2 years you have to pay it unfortunately, even if it was a medical emergency. Have you tried negotiating it with the hospital? If you can’t afford to pay it maybe wait until the 2 years is up in September.


    Keep in mind this is precisely one of the benefits of naca. Your unpaid bill would normally be a reason to be flat out denied a loan or at the very least give you sky high interest on the mortgage. Naca is giving you the opportunity to move forward and give you an absurdly low interest rate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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