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    For MY LOE’s, I typed them on the computer and then signed them using a scanned image of my sgianture. Do I need to print them out and physically sign each one and then rescan the document?


    i got this figured out!


    @Jay1988 can you share what you did? I need to send some LOEs as well and don’t have access to a printer.


    I havent had to submit any LOE’s just yet but I wrote them based on any transaction over $100 on my bank account. Fortunately, I had access to a printer/scanner so thats what I did. Maybe invest in one or try going to your library and using theirs.


    Hello Jay1988,

    This is a bit of a “borderline” issue for lack of a better term.

    Even though we live in an age where the “e-signature” is becoming more and more commonplace, certain documents still require a “wet signature”. In other words an actual physical signature, and the LOE is one of them since in some cases it is a quasi-legal document, similar to a sworn statement.

    As such, the proper procedure is to print out the document, sign it and scan it back into the computer.

    However, if you look at payroll checks that are generated by the big payroll processing companies like ADP, they bear a printed facsimile of the signature of the person authorized to sign the check. For that matter, once upon a time it was not uncommon for a business executive to have a rubber stamp made that was a copy of his signature and should be used to “sign” checks under certain circumstances.

    There were even automated signing machines as far back as the 1960’s that would write an exact duplicate of someone’s signature, used by businesses where one person had to sign large volumes of correspondence or large numbers of checks. President John F. Kennedy became notorious for having one such machine in the White House for signing the responses to citizens’ letters (that were actually responded to by staffers) to give the appearance that they were receiving a personal note from the president.

    (History class dismissed!) 😀

    So, regarding LOE’s (and this applies ONLY to LOE’s), if you have the ability to print, sign and re-scan the LOE, do so. If you do not have access to the means to print and scan, then and only then would a facsimile of your signature would be acceptable. Right now, with so many people stuck at home, it is potentially a means of keeping your file moving forward, but should never be used to just avoid putting in the extra sixty seconds of effort to do things they way they are supposed to be done.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    Ok thanks! While we’re stuck at home I will use the e-signature but once we’re free from quarantine I will start printing them out and signing them.

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