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    Hi All, I got a condition that says “provide a signed LOE for subject property is 70 miles from employer. Distance to drive to employer from subject property.” I got two really, one for 70 miles and one for 56 miles one each for my husband and I.

    The property by the way is just short of 70 miles from one employer and 56-60 miles from the other, at least by most convenient route.

    What exactly am I explaining here and I’m not even sure why this is a condition. I wasn’t aware that there were restrictions regarding how far the property is from my place of employment.

    Appreciate the help.


    I have never seen this before. But here’s my thought. That is a tough commute. My commute is 15 miles and takes 45 minutes on a good day. I think the bank wants to verify:

    1. The house is actually within the MSA
    2. Whether you live and work in the same MSA
    3. Why you want to live and work so far away
    4. 70 miles will take you clear out of many MSAs
    5. You can make the commute
    6. Are you making the commute
    7. Are you not going to quit your job because of the commute
    8. The house that is 70 miles away is indeed not a typo


    Thanks for the response. Someone from NACA responded after I posted.

    Apparently if the property is 50 miles or more from employment they ask for a LOE.
    I live in NYC this sort of daily commute is normal for many. The property I’m getting is a bit outside the city. Driving would be about 75mins or by train 90 mins ( my current commute)

    But yes they are concerned about whether we will actually occupy the property and if we will be able to make the commute daily.

    Wish the lenders would take into consideration locality when thinking about conditions such as these. But it’s an easy condition to address I believe so I won’t complain. There are many other things it could have been.


    Yeah don’t worry. You got this!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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