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    When I log into my NACA webfile and try to view my lender documents it does not open and I get an error message saying ” Invalid or Corrupted PDF”. I thought at first it was my computer blocking popups from the site, but that was not the case as I could view other lender documents in my webfile. Can anyone explain how to overcome this problem? I have tried reaching out to my NACA counselor. But she has not returned none of my messages in the last 4 days. And member services keeps referring me to my counselor concerning issues. The document is important to me because it is my Closing Disclosure.


    Try using internet explorer and see if that works. The naca website is optimized for the outdated IE. Anything newer or more popular will have more issues.

    And when you reach out don’t call you almost certainly will not get a response. Email only. And once or twice per week at best. Be polite be direct clear and concise.

    If you still don’t get a response call your local office Administrator at the main line and ask if someone can help. You can also call the mortgage processing department which is different from member services. The number is listed on the naca website.

    Chances are you will be contacted when you need to be. A closing disclosure is awesome news but just the beginning of the end as the bank still needs to get the voice verification of employment before they issue clear to close then the final closing disclosure which may be different with a different closing date than the one currently in your file then finally they will issue the final clear to close.

    All of them often take place in the same day and might occur a week or so after the initial closing disclosure with absolutely no communication in between. The communication will not be a webfile status most likely. It will probably be a 1 sentence email.

    All of this is to say this is the most nerve wracking part. You got it. 🙂


    Appreciate the information. Found no problem with my browser. I received the initial closing disclosure. It required no signatures. The closing disclosure is the second file showing on my webfile. and it won’t open. I will keep a lookout for any emails in my inbox and call Mortgage Services on Monday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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