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    I received my initial CD on 12/09, and it says that I am supposed to close on 12/16, but my file still has conditions saying:
    Title Documents-Provide updated title commitment the one in file has expired.

    Title Documents- Title Company to provide taxes without any exemptions on the full assessed value.

    The final appraisal was uploaded to my file yesterday but those conditions are still there.
    Is there anything that I can do to get those conditions addressed? my agent said that he spoke to the title company and they are waiting on the CTC from BOA, but it seems like they are the ones holding things up!


    The initial CD basically means you are going to close so first of all, congratulations! The date, however, is just a guideline. It is possible you can close by 12/16 but, more than likely you will receive your CTC, final CD and final CTC sometime next week.

    As far as your condition I beleive the title document is only good for 30 days so that needs to be signed and resubmitted. I would contact your agent and the mortgage processing center for more info.

    I would not take your web file as gospel. Call the mortgage processing center and see if they have any other information to give you regarding the addressed conditions that still show up…your web file is a manual update so it just may not have been updated. BOA often is the hold up themselves.


    @msm407 It sounds like you are close! What was your closing date per your contract? Closing on Monday sounds like a stretch but you should definitely be able to get this resolved next week!!!!


    @Nelsont The mortgage processing center said that there are no conditions, that the documents just need to be processed, and my realtor reached out to my closing coordinator who said that he requested another update from BOA because he doesn’t see that they obtained the completion report from the appraiser.

    @Cstar89 I’m purchasing new construction, so there wasn’t really a solid date on the contract.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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