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    What to expect when starting the program, I have my appt for workshop next month in college park, ga Just wanted to know how long does the program take, and what to expect.


    To be blunt –
    Expect long waits and then more waiting…. and waiting and waiting.
    Expect to be extremely frustrated more often than not.
    Expect delays that are out of your control but are completely controllable by someone else.
    Expect misleading milestone dates as nothing will happen when it is supposed to.
    Expect to deliver a couple hundred documents, some 3-4 times.
    Expect to justify every penny spent in length, more than once.
    Expect to give NACA everything except for a blood sample (though I haven’t closed yet… so who knows)
    Expect to be elated when you’re finally qualified… only to find out that there are significantly more hurdles in front of you and that you continue to submit documentation over and over again.
    Expect to not get in touch with your MC nearly as often as you should and that voicemails go unanswered for more than 24 hours… and some completely unanswered.
    Expect to fax in everything. If you e-mail a PDF attachment they have to print it out, scan it to TIF and add it to your file. Just fax it!
    Expect to document anything not already documented, including phone calls and anything relayed in a conversation at the office.
    Expect your wife to constantly bring up what a horrible idea it was to go this route.
    Expect to be told that persistence and patience are the main ingredients for a successful NACA mortgage.

    Expect to find dozens of people just like you on here that are here to help. The moderators here have been excellent and the new forum looks very promising.

    Expect that when you’re finally done that you look back and see that it was all worth it. You can then look forward to affordable home ownership and financial security.

    Expect that after talking to several NACA employees in several offices that most of them are genuine and have your best interests in mind. They know everything about you (literally) and will do their best to make sure you’re “ready” for homeownership.

    Expect to save a lot of money in exchange for countless man hours, running around, pulling your hair out and levels of aggravation otherwise thought to be unobtainable by human beings.

    *Experiences may vary depending on current financial standing, ability to organize every aspect your life, office you’re dealing with, REHAB objectives, and most importantly your MC! There are great MCs out there, make sure you have one.

    Best of luck and keep us posted!
    Take Care,


    Thank you for your detailed post! This seems to go right in line with what I heard from the MCs at the purchase workshop this passed Saturday. lol. I was going to ask something very similar to this but I guess now I won’t need too. I will ask though (since you are further along in the process) what can we do to expedite the process? Is there anything you can recommend?


    This goes ditto for loan modifications too. It is a long, slow, painful process.


    I can’t possibly say it any better that Jack already has. I’m 35 years old, been around the block a time or two, and this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. What’d they say in the previous iteration of this forum – “patience, patience, patience”?

    Keep your file updated – get a new paycheck? fax it in. New bank statement – fax it in. I signed up for an account using http://www.myfax.com that i use to submit the docs, works well without wasting paper printing everything.

    Rehab – HAND can be ….challenging. Good folks over there at HAND, but very, very busy while still maintaining their….attention to detail. My home inspector complimented me on the quality and care of our 63 year old house, and they still found things to nitpick. Once you get the repair list, don’t be afraid to request a waiver for items on the list, in my case I was able to get two of five items waived by using logical FACT BASED reasons why the items should be excluded. Total rehab, $3,700 and non-negotiable. If you have questions, give them a call – you may be on hold for awhile, but they eventually pick up.

    Finally, don’t get too high, or too low throughout this process. We literally have our clear to close in hand and closing scheduled for Thursday, 5/10 and got an email from our attorney’s office regarding a missing “High Cost Loan Disclosure”, which comes with a 10 day “cooling off” period after you receive and sign the document. Thankfully I had copies of the document we signed and submitted on 4/6, so we won’t have to wait an additional 10 days to close.

    Best of luck!



    thank you all so much for replying… I’ve made up my mind that I’m gonna stick with NACA, and I’m preparing myself for the long ride…


    I have been trying to get an update on my file since March! My counselor has been out on tours since then, good luck finding anyone else to assist you if your counselor is “out”. I’ve just been in limbo… Anyone know how I can keep moving forward while my counselor is out on tours?


    Thanks so much for all the info! CG, when did you start the process? When did you attend the workshop?


    @cgbuffalo – what is a “High Cost Loan Disclosure” and why does it have a 10 day “cooling off period?” If you don’t mind me asking.


    Glad my post was able to help enlighten some folks… or simply reinforce the fact that we’re all going through the same stuff.

    Even though I’m pretty far into our process, I think MyFax is the way to go. Thanks for the tip!!!


    High Cost Disclosure –

    You’ll see when you get there, but once your bank app is submitted the bank will require some documents to be signed essentially notifying you that –
    You should have shopped around, and if you didn’t – you can/should
    This may not be the cheapest and most affordable route

    They are just covering their bases and their asses.

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    Got it thanks.


    Thanks for the info. I’m going for Step 1 later today for purchasing and just didn’t know what to expect.


    Hello all,

    As I posted in another thread a few moments ago, the best way to get through the qualification process quickly is to be over-prepared. For example, members who have past collection issues could deal with them in advance instead of waiting for the MC to discover them and put them on a task list.

    Federal law allows you to get your credit report at no charge once each year through the website https://www.annualcreditreport.com. Members who get their report and are proactive on getting any issues there taken care of in advance don’t have to have the process delayed as a result. Likewise, keep the paystubs and bank statements current in your file. Don’t wait to be asked to explain any additional deposits other than normal income, but send the written explanation in with the bank statement.

    Try to think ahead and be prepared in advance instead of waiting for your MC to ask for things. Not only will that eliminate unnecessary delays, but it will probably keep you top-of-mind with your MC since your proactive involvement will definitely make you stand out from his or her “normal” members.

    (BTW, nobody knows better than I that Forum members tend to be more proactive about the process to begin with, but it’s still good advice for everyone!)


    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    Jesussaves0528 I know its been a long since your last post…where are you in the process? Have you madecany progress? Please share.. I am a newbie

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