Is it possible to speak with another MC? Earliest appointment is end of August.

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    I have all that’s needed to get qualified other than my wife’s credit to get pulled and mine repulled. Is it possible to speak to someone before then? We need to put our house on the market and can’t until we get NACA qualified. Waiting a month would be really bad for us. Thanks in advance!


    Have you had your intake session yet? Generally the office Administrator schedules on a first come first served basis using the entire office’s calendars. I would call periodically to see if there are any cancellations and if you can slide right into a new appointment.


    Thanks for the reply. Yes I’ve already had my intake and had a second meeting this past Wednesday. He told me what I had left to submit which where only a few documents and I’ve done already. He said earliest is August 27. Am I able to speak with a remote counselor so I can go ahead and get qualified?


    Hello coquipr79,

    The Remote Counseling team have their own appointments and are equally booked up as your local office.

    You are actually extremely fortunate to have an appointment scheduled so soon. Our Atlanta office is booked five months in advance and several others are at four months. The demand for our program is literally that huge, and there’s just no hurrying the process.

    The two things you can do are to email your counselor and remind him or her that everything is in the file and ask them to review the file at their first opportunity, and contact the local office and ask to be notified if there is a cancelled appointment that you can take to get your file reviewed and submitted to underwriting.

    There are literally that many people coming to NACA, and we are not allowed to turn away anyone who wants to start the program. We apologize for the wait times between appointments that some people are facing, but the NACA staff has been going nearly non-stop since the beginning of the year. We didn’t even slow down when the pandemic struck. We’ve streamlined the process, hired hundreds of new counselors, created the Remote Counseling program and even found a way to keep ATD events going virtually after the pandemic hit. We actually sent more bank applications to Bank of America in July than any other month in our history. In spite of all that, the demand continues to increase at every turn.

    All that means that patience is the only real answer here. There’s no “second channel”, no leapfrogging ahead, no end run around the system. When a member has an appointment scheduled, it’s the very first one available, period. It’s simply the only way to handle the incredible demand for what we do.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    I would absolutely LOVE an August date. I uploaded all my documents and have an October date. I have called the local office in Los Angeles no less than 15 times and am disconnected after the first 1-3 minutes. I am not sure if I should keep calling or if they are not monitoring the line due to Covid.


    Thanks for the detailed reply @TTrumble

    I’m not trying to “jump”. I guess just frustrated. I’ll have to be patient and pray that I get an earlier appointment or that my next appointment would be my approval.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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