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    I have tried emailing for three weeks and have not gotten a single response. I was only just assigned an RS less than a week ago. I have emailed my the department’s general email, my RS, and even Tammy Johnson. Radio silence. When I call my RS, it always goes to voicemail and she does not return my calls. I attended a webinar just to get some sort of contact and was told the department was going to host a webinar to address files in the bank app stage and we would be emailed an invite. Never got one.

    How on earth do you get someone to speak with you??? I refuse to just sit and wait while my closing date comes and goes. I am sympathetic to their workload and having to transition to working from home, but the lack of response is getting ridiculous.

    Has anyone gotten through/heard back from HAND?


    There was a positive covid test among an employee in the hand department about2 weeks ago. All hand employees were immediately sent home. At the time hand did not have the equipment or the ability to work from home. IT was able to get employees computers and set up to work from home with limited resources. They are still at home and not at full capacity but are working.


    I am aware and certainly sympathetic. They have not released any information regarding what those of us waiting on their services is supposed to do. Am I just supposed to wait an undetermined amount of time to close? Is that really the only option? That won’t exactly go over well with a seller…


    I have the same problem, we have decided to take care of the house repairs, the appraisal was much less than the sale value, so the seller lowered the price but did not want to take over the repairs. Now we run into this impassable wall, my closing date expires in 15 days, and my MC and my RE are working so that everything is on time but HAND is the biggest obstacle we have had in this process.


    @Angeli1923 Our situations are totally the same! My closing is in 15 days too. Everything else is progressing as it should, but HAND hasn’t done anything (that I am aware of). We have a seller contribution and have to handle repairs post closing. We decided to forgo our wish list item because I want to get it done ASAP and I don’t believe HAND will be any more responsive after closing. I wish we could just waive their involvement entirely and handle repairs on our own, as we have every intention to.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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