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    Does NACA have inspectors that work at a reduced cost or anything like that? I saw there is a list of recommended inspectors in my webfile. Would it be recommended to reach out to them all to get a price quote? I don’t know how this whole process works haha…



    I don’t think they work at a reduced cost, but I do believe the inspector has to be “NACA approved” (sort of like your realtor). Although there were plenty of home inspectors in my area, I had to have one of the Naca recommended inspectors do it (and they charged extra since I was over 100 miles away). The Inspector uploaded his report into my web file the same day and knew the terminology NACA needed to see. He was also familiar with the process and made sure his reinspection report (yet another fee) said what it needed to say so i could be cleared by the Hand dept.



    Shop around. Interview the inspectors over the phone. A good one will also have a website.


    @Rml712 I reached out to 4 of the inspectors on my list. Two never got back to me and one quoted me twice the price of the other, and for the same work. Definitely shop around, NEVER go with the first one you speak to without doing so. You have to go with one of the inspectors on the list, but you don’t have to call them all if you found the one you like after reaching out to 2 or 3.


    Mine offered a slight discount and a free reinspection within a year. The other one I spoke with wanted $200+ more and $150 reinspection. Definitely shop around.

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    Kristopher Fraley

    As others have advised, you should shop around. More than just finding the most discounted inspector, but also the most qualified. The old saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here. I’ve worked with a couple of different inspectors on the short list of NACA approved inspectors at different price points. They are not all the same. Some of them I wonder should even be on the approved list to begin with!

    In one case, at the end of a home inspection, I asked my client “do you feel like this inspection was in your best interest? Are you satisfied with this gentleman?” In short, she replied: “No”. I said: “I feel the same way, as I mentioned when we first met, several of our prior clients have used this NACA approved inspector, and have been pleased with the results”. She went ahead and scheduled a 2nd inspection and the 2nd inspector found a variety of issues with the house the 1st did not. (The 2nd inspectors cost was $100 more than the 1st).

    Just food for thought.

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