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    Is there any way to get a intake moved up? I know NACA is a process but my lease is up in August. Unfortunately I just found out about NACA not too long ago so I know it’s a race against time here. I have all my required funds and such, my inital intake was scheduled for 4/24. On the advice of people who went through remote counseling, I switched it and they gave me 5/24. I need help because I know my rent is going to increase and I already pay $1425 a month. What can I do to get a earlier intake?



    From reading the forums a lot of people have said they kept calling the office to see if anyone had a cancellation so they could move their appointment up..


    During the initial workshop did you sign the paper that stated you had all your documents already ready?

    I know our office does that, and it’s those people they call to set up appointments with first. My initial appointment wasn’t until March, it ended up being pushed to January and we submitted our contract today.



    I did and they made my appointment at the end of April. I guess all I can do now is call into the office on Monday and see if I can get an earlier appointment


    When I reached out to remote counseling they told me that May was the earliest they had.



    Yeah, that’s what I was told when I called after I received the remote counseling appointment date. I just wish I was told before hand. I’m going to reach out to my local office and see if they can get me a quicker appointment



    Hey, you should feel lucky. I had my workshop on 1/26 and my intake appointment isn’t until 6/04 out here in Chicago! It took about a month to even get my NACA ID and webfile info.



    Hello niqniq935,

    Being available to fill in for a cancelled appointment or no show is the only way to get an appointment moved up. Please remember that when you were given your initial appointment, it was already the earliest thing available on the calendar.

    The demand for NACA’s program is unbelievably high and in many offices appointments are several months out from the date of the workshop. It’s one of the reasons for the Achieve the Dream tour, to help lighten the load many of our offices carry.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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