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    So the issue I posted about before turns out to be because Equifax mistyped our current address in the credit report. This lead to it 1) not matching the bank app (obviously) and 2) flagging us as living at a fake address. We’ve talked to 7 different people over 2 hours and have been disconnected three times, and have yet to speak with someone who even -understands- the issue. They just keep asking us to prove we live at this nonexistent address that they invented with their typo. Anyone have suggestions?


    You wouldn’t be able to dispute the mistake through the experian app? Try it, it will take some time but the credit bureaus are forced to report accurate information.


    No, because the mistake isn’t in our credit file. It’s just on this report. We need them to correct and reissue the report. Because the report is filed under an imaginary address, we can’t prove we live there, and they can’t reissue the report without us proving we live there. It’s unsolvable unless Equifax understands their own mistake. Hopefully the Mortgage Processing Department can help tomorrow. They were already closed by the time we spent two hours on the phone with Equifax.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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