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    It only took a couple business days for me to hear something back. I just made a post but basically submitted around 6PM on Wednesday 7/25, conditions on Monday 7/30, conditions addressed 7/30, file re-submitted same day and qualified on 8/1.


    @whitknee @futurehomeowner15 @dniane Just wanted to give you guys an update that I have now been NACA Qualified. I am excited, but not as excited as I thought I would be. I know we are probably only 50% through the process and the headaches will probably come. LOL

    Any type of advice any of you have had with what are the next steps and maybe on what I should handle before hand? What do they tell you at the Purchase workshops and what do i Bring?



    just go to the purchase workshop, you don’t need to bring anything, if you want you can take a notepad to take notes, now you need to get a realtor, if you already have one, if he/she is not NACA approved, he/she needs to go to a class for realtors which I believe are held once a week in your local NACA office, if you don’t have a realtor, NACA will assign you one, in my opinion, it’s better to get a realtor with experience with the NACA program so they know what to expect, and basically your house hunting starts, good luck!


    Congratulations @bayarea415…off topic and random question is the 4/15 your birthday? If so that’s mine too šŸ™‚ anyhoo…I unfortunately dont have any next steps advice to provide. I’m stuck in limbo waiting on tax account transcripts so that my MC can resubmit to UW. I have started working with another lender to just go ahead and do an FHA mortgage. I had to turn in 2 small LOEs which was easy because it was the same ones that I had to explain to NACA so I already had them on file. I should have my pre approval by Friday. I m still hoping something turns around in this naca process but if not I’m atleast getting the ball rolling in a direction before my timeline expires.


    @whitknee Iā€™m so sorry to hear that you u are thinking about going another way. That sucks! But you have to do what you have to do.


    @bayarea415, congrats!!!

    I, too, not only have got myself pre-approved with two other lenders just to have a backup or two. Took about a week each. Did that back in June prior to being NACA qualified. However, I am still hanging in there. Signed loan papers last Friday. Have yet to hear anything from anyone regarding it, but I am being as patient as I can be. In my case, the holdup was having to have a re-inspection and that week where HAND was busy working on a special project and was closed.

    You will get there. Hold on.


    @whitknee were you unable to download your tax account transcripts directly from I was able to do that. That might expedite your process so that you don’t have to wait on postal mail.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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