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    I have an in office counselor and that’s not working for me he is not proactive with me and I haven’t been able to get in contact with him since April how do I change my MC back to someone on the phone /webfile.



    Hello Hoping2OwnSoon,

    If you were originally in the remote Counseling program and requested to be changed to a local counselor, I can almost guarantee that a request to go back to Remote counseling will be denied. Unfortunately, there have been too many incidents of people who have tried to keep bouncing back and forth to allow more than one change.

    Contact NACA Member Services at 425-602-6222 and ask them to contact the counselor on your behalf. If you still don’t get a response, call Member Services again and request to be put in touch with the Regional Director.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA




    It maybe too early in my scenario to address this, but I feel very similar in the fact that I am having no contact from my counselor and many promises and actions have not come to realization.

    With my initial intake, everything was provided, other than the obvious LOEs and the manual VOE that was needed. My MC even stated this should be a slam dunk and everything will be submitted once we get those documents in. He even went out of his way to agree to meet with me early Friday morning (two days after my initial meeting that Wednesday). He, however, no-showed. Fortunately, the only other MC in the office showed up to help submit my documents. She CC’d me on the documents that she sent to my assigned MC. Life happens, I understand, but this seemed to be the beginning of a sign of things to come. I was assured that it would be submitted no later than middle of the week. Did not happen.

    Fast forward to the next week (7 business days after initial intake) no responses to any e-mails or phone calls that I have left. Unprofessional. I called member services, they indicated no progress has been made and there were no updates for my file. They suggested they reached out and he would have 24-48 hours to respond. This call was on a Friday, Feb 23rd. Did not receive a call again until Wednesday, Feb 28th. We spoke for all of 10 mins and told me he was still waiting on my VOE, which was supplied. I provided him with it again via the website and he assured me, again, that it would be submitted to NACA underwriting by end of business. I was asked to wait 5 business days to hear back from the underwriting team so I could schedule my home buyer meeting. I asked if he could please reach out to me once it was submitted (since he would be in my file anyways) or update me if he found I was missing anything and I could run it to him. He agreed. No response for a few days (emails and phone calls sent to him) and I contact member services again and they state nothing has been sent to underwriting and the last update was the MC stating that he could not reach me and left a voicemail. False.

    I emailed the regional manager on the evening of Mar. 5th. No response. I understand its only be 2 days, however business etiquette would dictate a response sooner rather than later I would think. I have emailed and called the MC since then, begging for a response, update, explanation, anything to reaffirm that I actually exist. Still, nothing.

    I finally called member services again and received the number to what they claimed was the CEO. I do no want to execute this nuclear option, would just like a decent update and explanation as to why nothing is moving. Everything that has been asked has been submitted. At some point I would have to update the accounts due to the file not being processed as required, which I feel with current movement, will delay NACA underwriting even further.

    Any advice, tips, or ability to actually change my MC so this can be submitted would be appreciated.




    I am going through the exact same thing right now except I haven’t contacted the regional manager. I hope someone can point us in the right direction because this is beyond frustrating. I can be extremely patient when I know my file is moving along but I am certain now that my MC does not touch it unless they schedule an appointment for me which takes weeks to do after I constantly nag them.
    It makes it worse that I keep getting lied to about when my file will be sent to underwriting.I submit everything right away when asked so I don’t understand why it still hasn’t happened.

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    Sounds like we are in the same boat. My patience knows no bounds when I know things are moving, one way or another. It’s causing us concern and making us develop some trust issues when we still haven’t heard from a regional manager or our assigned MC.

    I understand no other community based program does exactly what NACA does, and really, we are grateful for their work, however transparency and effort goes a long way I believe.

    any advice?



    I would suggest when yo send things in to email it in to your counselor and CC your webfile address, I was in the same boat and things didnt start moving until I started doing that. Also, I have noticed some MCs dont want to ask for help even tho they need it, so reaching out to the office manager or regional manager b/c if they dont know they they dont know how to help.

    Best of luck to all



    It is really very good to be a part of such helpful community.



    How do I find out who the regional manager is for a particular office?



    I’m going through same thing. I am being treated horribly. I have no idea why.

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