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    Good day Naca Fam,

    Hope you are all well. I have hit a wall and I’m hoping someone can help me find the hidden door.
    I found a home- YEAH
    Got the seller to reconsider working with Naca and have a contract- Yeah!
    Scheduled an inspection for next week, only to have him call me today to say he will not do the inspection- BOO! due to the software that takes him hours to complete and the horrendous customer service at Hand- He refuses to work with them.
    I received a list of only two approved inspectors. The other inspector is 3 hours away and not interested in doing the inspection. He also shared his desire to not work with Naca, same issues as the inspector that dropped me.
    I’m currently on hold with the Hand dept, hoping they can share with me the process of an inspector registering with Naca- time frame and the amount of insurance the inspector needs to have to quailify. I heard they ask for a lot.
    Can anyone suggest or advise how to proceed? This is crazy! I left a voicemail for my MC- not sure who else I can contact.
    I’m trying to stay positive and keep faith.

    Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on me.



    I got my list of NACA approved inspectors in my packet at the Home buyer workshop. Your MC should be able to provide it to your or call the local office to see if you can pick one up. I used there list to avoid any delay. I looked them on the Internet and choose six of them I emailed them directly and the first 3 that was available on the same day are the ones I choose for my bids and it worked out great.


    Channon1208 you’re very fortunate. I too received a list , a total of 2 inspectors! I was able to secure the inspector located in Miami! A little over 2 hrs away – in turn he’s charging me an arm and a leg. Both has not done a Naca inspection in over a year. It puzzles me how others are able to close on a home, or has their not been any successful home purchases in all that time. So very strange. Go figure!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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