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    I think that just when I gain a little hope/sanity it is stripped away.

    1) P&S accepted on 2/7/2018 with 45 day close which would put it at 3/22/2018
    2) Went to bank app on 3/8/2018
    3) Seller completed 3 of 4 repairs and HAND Says they need 14 days to review, and seller does not have a eta when they will complete the 4th one b/c our state says they have up to 3 days before closing to complete
    4) Seller doesn’t want to give extension b/c they close on their house on 28th and need funds from sale and needs it to push forward.

    I think I grow 293838 gray hairs daily. Does HAND really take the whole 14 days to review a re inspection? what happens if inspection is not back before 14 days of closing?

    What can i do to push this along ?


    Keep on calling and bugging the hand department. They will take as long as you let them.



    Hello JPriceless,

    It’s pretty clear here that it’s not HAND that needs to be pushed, but the seller.

    Doesn’t it seem just a bit fishy that the seller wants to wait until the last minute to do the final required repair, but isn’t willing to grant an extension even though their delay is reason the extension may be needed?

    If the seller is so concerned about the closing date, they need to get that repair done ASAP so the process can continue moving forward. It’s that simple.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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