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    Can anyone point me in the direction to finding grant assistance? I live in a small city in Alabama and It seems finding grants is almost non existent. I know you have to research research research and ask around but everyone and every search turns up empty for my city. I asked my MC and she could only point me to United way who said there are no funds in my city and HUD who at this time don’t have any grants. I do see where the Alabama housing authority have a program but you have to use there lendors and have a certain credit score to qualify.

    Any help at all


    Hello kirkan1981,

    Since nearly all such grant programs are local in nature, there’s just no way I can track the hundreds of programs out there. Some other places to try are any professional or fraternal organizations to which you belong.

    Think a little bit out of the box. Research any information that might be available from Clark Howard or Matthew Lesko for ideas, for example.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    That’s what I was afraid of. It seems I e hit a dead end on that front. I am still going to ask the local housing authority if they will work with the program. Do I need to say NACA specifically or Bank Of America?


    Hey @kirkan1981 I’m from Alabama also. Did you ever find any grants that works with NACA?


    I think it is hard to be able to pair a government grant with NACA and I have not seen anybody being able to do it. However, I am sure that somebody has been able to do it. Usually, the lender has to be in an approved list and in this case, even though the lender would end up being Bank of America, the “lender” on the approved list has to be NACA since the actual lender won’t be involved until the end of the process and I think that’s where it gets hard, getting NACA on the list of approved lenders

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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