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    Please help me understand the HAND timeline and expected turn around times for repair escrow. Stuck at what point of process rehab specialist appears.

    Is this correct?

    1. Inspection (24-48 hours HAND reviews and responds with required list)
    2. Communicate with rehab specialist regarding wish list and required items
    (Is this where you provide RS with drawings of desired changes, in my case,
    I would like to knock down a wall opening up the living room, add a bathroom etc.)

    Do I get bids from contractors for the required items plus my “wish list” then present to rehab specialist for review and budget?


    Don’t think you can change the floor plan through your rehab with NACA. But you do need contractor bids for all required and wishlist repairs or items. You get the inspection done first, then NACA HAND dept submits the required repair list, Then you get quotes from licensed contractors on the required and wishlist things. Submit those and also indicate you want to finance thru rehab escrow rolled into loan. HAND, just FYI, is incredibly backlogged and slow so be prepared to get frustrated dealing with them right now.


    I have yet to hear from the HAND Department regarding the Inspection and its been way pass the 48hr time frame. My due diligence expires tomorrow and now I have to request for an extension. Any one have any tips I can do. My MC doesn’t reply to my email and the HANDS Dept either. Can anyone relate?



    Sign of for the HAND qualification workshop on Tuesdays from 4p-6p

    They lost a batch of emails and are trying to catch anyone who has slipped through the cracks during those webinars.

    They will ask you to post your naca ID as a question in the chat along with where you are in the process and they will pull a report with all of those numbers at the end of the webinar and contact you within the next day (giving priority to those who are set to close soonest then those who have been at the bank the longest).

    Also, have you emailed HAND@naca.com? If not, try that along with a copy of your inspection & include your naca id and [requesting credit access] Or wherever you are in the process in the subject line & be sure to cc your naca email as well. This way whoever looks at your account can see your documents.

    They will call you from a 210 number, so make sure you aren’t blocking unknown numbers.

    Hope this helps!

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    @ tpeguese
    hi! Thank you for the info and input. I actually did emailed the Hands dept last night and I actually received a response with the repairs I need to get done. But atleast they responded. Now off to my next step, which it continues being overwhelming. Last week the appraisal was done as well but I haven’t received an answer to that either. There just a lot going on all at once. Hopefully I’ll get that soon as well. I am now waiting on the extension approval from the seller to move forward.


    Hi LCVal85,

    Another poster mentioned HAND might not be able to make floor-plan changes to your rehab wish list, I wanted to see how your experience was since we’re also planning something similar (adding bathroom) when the opportunity arrives.

    Edit: actually this is meant for original poster frankysmom

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    Damien Smith

    Greetings @frankysmom,

    I hope this message finds you well! I would first contact HAND Dept: (210) 319-2978; HAND@naca.com and if you are not able to reach them please email communications@naca.com your full name, naca id, email and number with the issues and assist with reaching the HAND dept. I hope this helps!

    Damien Smith
    Online Communications, NACA

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