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    Looking for some help please…

    My MC is great ! Answers my emails quickly and lets me know what it is that is needed. We are in the Credit Access stage and everything there looks good after we typed up LOE’s. We have done the House inspection and all other required inspections and now we are at the HAND Repair list. We felt the inspection went great based on the information the inspector gave us, but there 2 big things that are throwing a wrench in the process. 1 is the stairs on the outside of the house and inside the balusters are more then 4″ apart sited by the inspector so that small children could stick their heads in and get stuck however we have older children and that won’t be an issue. 2 HVAC unit was inspected and is in proper working order but the inspector said based on the age we need to keep an eye out however we have a home warranty that would cover the HVAC unit. There was some smaller things but we fell that we can ask for the waiver and fix if needed as we go along. I have tried contacting our HAND COORD. and I am unsuccessful in getting in touch with them and the sellers are getting kind of worried for the closing. What should we do ? Just submit the Waiver as we feel that the repairs aren’t needed…

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