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    I asked a million questions back in June before we went to ATD, so I just wanted to post an update now that we had our first in-person meeting with the local office. (There was a lag due to me having incorrect information about the date of my previous foreclosure, not because of NACA.) We left ATD with a very simple and straightforward plan from the Underwriter. So straight forward, in fact, that we’ve been worried we had missed something. We went to the Baltimore office last week for a check-in (now that my foreclosure has elapsed) and got our final action plan before submitting our file – which was based on exactly what the Underwriter had told us. There were no surprises, no confusion, just two really great members of the NACA team making us feel welcome in a stunningly beautiful building.

    I know a lot of the concerns people have had come up during the steps we’re about to embark on, but I have no fear based on how things have gone for us so far, and the way we were treated at our meeting and ATD. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic and confident!


    I remember you asking some questions around the same time I was, as I had my intake appointment back in June.

    Glad you’re still moving forward! My wife and I are under contract on a wonderful home and are in the credit access stage right now. Underwriting came back with two conditions and we are trying to address those and hopefully get credit access approved and sign our bank app within the next few days!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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