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    Elliott Balsley

    Hi. I’m new to NACA, having just gone through the initial seminar, and now I’m reading through the contract to start the process. I joined this forum to ask some questions of other members, and I was quite surprised to find this website does not offer SSL/TLS encryption, even at the login page. This means your username and password are sent to the server in plain text, and could easily be intercepted by anyone sniffing the network (especially relevant at public WiFi hotspots). This is a major no-no in web development and I take it as a bad sign regarding NACA’S security and privacy practices in general. Is there any way to contact the webmaster to have this fixed?

    In the meantime, a warning to all other users here: Do not login to this website over any public WiFi, and do not reuse the same password with any other important accounts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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