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    Hi All,

    I have searched the forum for this question, but unfortunately I am unable to find anything close to my question. During my initial workshop I remember the presenter saying that we can purchase a FSBO property. I asked my realtor who is very familiar with NACA and was told that I couldn’t purchase a FSBO. I tried reaching out to my MC but haven’t heard anything back yet. Can someone help me out with this please?



    Hello Dare2Dream,

    Yes, you may buy a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) property. However, just because the seller doesn’t have a real estate agent doesn’t mean you can go without one too. DEFINITELY have an agent even if the other party doesn’t. It’s worth it without exception.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA



    I had a similar experience with a realtor. After asking about a couple of FSBO properties I found online, she finally told me that a lot of times fsbo sellers don’t pay realtor commission. I took the initiative on one property and contacted one seller myself to see if they were willing to pay realtor commission and they said they would but not 3%, they would only pay 2%. Well rather than negotiating or trying to see if I could add the rest onto my loan, she never followed up on it saying she had to see if her broker would allow her to take a lower commission. Of course, I put in for a new realtor after that.

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    My realtor told me that if NACA was to allow me to purchase a FSBO I would have to pay the realtor commission. Can someone tell me if that is true?


    Yeah. Its true!

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