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    Hey everyone,

    In general, what is the proper timeline to follow up with your MC during the process. Since I work in customer service, I tend to be extremely understanding of the workloads of the NACA team so I try my best not bother them. I planned on checking in monthly to see of any progress but I dont know if that will be to soon. Im trying to close between October and December so Im not necessarily in a rush and I would like to make their job as easy as possible.

    Thanks 🙂


    If you submit something to them for underwriting 3 days is a good amount of time. Other than submitting something you will probably never hear from your MC unless you are waiting on underwriter conditions or clear to close.


    Change that to checking in weekly. You need to stay on top of your own file because. You’re right they do have a lot of people that they’re working with but you as the prospective home buyer need to take the initiative.


    To be perfectly blunt, as someone who is about to close, don’t worry about bothering them. They will quite simply just not answer if they have nothing to say. With the workload they have right now, the Processing department can’t even answer calls. If you have a specific concern or question, I recommend emailing your MC, the office admin, and your NACA lynx email all at once. If you haven’t heard in a few days, do it again. If you turned something in and don’t hear back, it’s probably good news. If nothing in your file changes for more than a week and you’re expecting it to, get more consistent with reaching out. Our MC wasn’t able to hold our hand the way I really would have liked, but he DID get everything done and done on time.


    As someone who has already closed on a home with NACA and also had an expected time to close…… It doesn’t always work out that way. So as you get closer to the date, like about 3 months prior. Yes they are busy and are handling a lot of people with very little staff. Not all MC’s are the same. Its not that you need someone to “hold your hand”, you’d like a status update or if whatever you submitted was efficient enough. You cannot assume that because you didn’t receive a call or email back that everything is all good.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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