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    I cannot find a contractor to provide a bid. One has been exposed to the virus. One hasn’t gotten back to me. Many don’t want to become a certified with NACA due to the uncertainty. The only one who is going out says they have been trying to get in touch with NACA regarding completed projects and he can’t get anyone to email him back for the last few weeks. Now he doesn’t want to provide estimates to NACA clients because he doesn’t know what’s going on. Can someone please escalate this? He said many people have been reaching out to him. It’s not fair we have to suffer and risk not closing on time because NACA can’t handle their business with Contractors.


    There was only one registered contractor in my area with NACA and never heard from him. I had to give up on my wish lists because I wasn’t able to find anyone to work with NACA. Feels like this area of the process needs some improvement especially for those that have to find a contractor due to required repairs.


    The reason there are few contractors in many areas is because the only way to get registered is for a naca member to ask the contractor to be registered. There are a number of contractors that were not fond of the forms to fill out but, that has changed and the process got easier than getting an outside agent registered. Contractors familiar with naca and don’t want to join are either unaware of the new process or don’t want to perform work without a deposit.

    With that all said, have you thought about or are you in position to negotiate having your sellers do at least part if not all of the work necessary? If your seller takes on the cost they can use anybody they want. It’s only if you take on the burden you need a naca contractor. I was able to get my seller to replace the entire HVAC without renegotiating sale price or the 3% buy down they contributed because it showed up on the HAND required list. Just a thought.


    Hello all,

    To be absolutely straightforward with everyone, contractors are always going to be a problem. The home repair and improvement industry is filled with lots of “contractors” who are nothing more than one guy with a pickup truck and a toolbox. For these guys, licensing, business liability insurance and a company bank account are non-existent. As such, accountability is non-existent too.

    I’ve seen some of these guys try to pull a fast one on us when it comes to getting NACA approved. I remember one who sent us a copy of his own homeowners insurance instead of business insurance claiming the liability feature of the homeowners insurance would cover him, which of course it doesn’t.

    You’ll hear lots of excuses about “not wanting to work with NACA’, but most of the time the truth is they don’t qualify to work with us. And anything you hear about payment issues is a bunch of bull too. For more than two years, we have used an electronic payment/direct deposit system for payment that has the money in the contractor’s account no later than 72 hours after completion of the work and correct submission of the paperwork.

    It isn’t a matter of “NACA can’t handle their business with Contractors”. It’s contractors and some so-called contractors that can’t or won’t meet the standards NACA has established to make sure the work done on our members’ homes is of high quality and performed by fully vetted legitimate businesses.

    Kiag, to be a little blunt, your contractor needs to stop with the excuses and pick up the phone. The HAND department is there from 8:30 amd to 5:30 pm Central Time Monday through Friday. They are busier than usual right now, apparently because with so many people at home right now, their attention suddenly turns to getting the work done on their homes. So he needs to get on the phone and get past that “doesn’t know what’s going on” excuse.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    I anticipate purchasing a home hopefully in the next few months with NACA, having at least $40k in repairs to complete. Does anyone have a contractor they’d recommend in the NYC area? Queens/Long Island preferably.


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