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    I did my bank app on 4/30. Received 3 conditions on 5/2. Addresses them on 5/3. When I Haven’t heard back from my closing coordinator, I reached out to see if anything else was needed. Last Tuesday, she said she was waiting on title docs to resubmit to bank. I emailed on Monday requesting an update and she hasn’t answered. I sent her a follow up email today requesting an updated. Meanwhile, there has been no activity on my file that I can see. No new updates from the bank. The appraisal has come back and is right on. I was cleared by HAND this week. I submitted my Homeowners Insurance. Is this lack of communication for this long normal? Should I be concerned? My scheduled closing date is 6/1 and I’m getting worried. My landlord is pressuring me to give her a date I will be out. I don’t want to give her any concrete dates as I have two small kids and don’t want to end up homeless.



    I’am going through the exact same thing, expect my closing date was set for 5/15/2018 and I’m still waiting on the bank to give us the green light to close and I also have to be out by 6/1. Every answer we received has been we are waiting on the bank to clear us.


    @wilkinsj I just heard back from my closing coordinator. she agreed citi is taking longer than it should. maybe it is a hold up at the bank.



    Ok because I was getting worried. They have been the hold up on my closing.


    Your closing is coming…I can FEEL it. You are almost there. 🙂



    Ahh thank you! i feel it will be all worth it for both you and me! we have to stay strong!!



    Hello all,

    As I noted in the previous thread, I’m starting to see signs of something that happens about every year this time. Things unfortunately start to slow down at the bank. It’s a “naturally occurring” phenomenon caused by the seasonal increased volume in the real estate and mortgage industries during the spring and summer combined with a sometimes smaller staff due to absences from vacations and the like.

    Hang in there. The wheels are turning, just not as fast as anyone would like.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thank you @ttrumble. It is so difficult to manage the silence. My seller luckily requested a 60 day closing as he is building a house. That was perfect because I knew it would take about that long. I have two small children and a landlord that is eager to lease the home we are currently renting. She’s pressuring me to give her a date I’ll be gone and I don’t feel comfortable giving her a date until all the conditions are satisfied. Two weeks without any update is a really long time. Meanwhile, I have to schedule movers and time off from work. All that I can’t do until we get some updates. I’m a planner by nature. The silence makes it hard to plan. I’m sure you understand this more than most.



    I agree with you! The silence is the hardest thing to do and will have you wondering! I’m still awaiting to hear news from the bank on closing we are almost less than 2 weeks away until we have to move out of our place we are in now. Time is of the essence.


    @wilkinsj and@almosthomeinarkansas,

    I am in a similar situation. I’m out over $1000 in per diem fees to the seller. It’s just Citi delaying and my CC being non-responsive to multiple emails, phone calls, and escalations with member services and my MC.

    The only way I was able to get “clear to close” (today!) was to have my realtor contact her boss this week (head of real estate department) and my cc’s boss (head of underwriting). That got my CC responding more quickly and actually letting us see the lender conditions; it also meant, through the head of the real estate department, that we had a powerful advocate who could communicate directly to the bank.

    We went from three rounds of absurd circular conditions on the wording of the master insurance (the condo team claiming that info wasn’t listed when it clearly was, to the point that I had to circle it three times on the one-page document to show my CC, only to have it bounce back 2 days later from Citi because she didn’t explain it to them) to getting clear to close all in 48 hours.

    Ask your realtor if s/he can get the real estate supervisor involved. We would have spent another week and I’d be paying even more in per diem just for Citi to sit on my file for days and then send it back with an absurd, non-applicable condition. It happened so many times that I can no longer think of it as a coincidence.

    Heavy volume this time of year is no excuse when buyers are being held financially accountable for the bank delays.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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