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    I have an employment gap from Apr 2019-Aug 2019, about 5 months. During this time I was studying for my final CPA exam (there are 4 total) so I could pass it within the time frame (must pass all within 18 months). I passed the other 3 while employed, but since I knew I was going to change jobs after I passed (my employer also knew this), I decided to leave my job so I have ample time to study and pass the 4th exam within the time frame. The passing rate is around 50% for this exam so it is not unlikely have to retake it, so I wanted to be sure I passed ASAP in order to have them all completed with 18 months, which is why I left my job in order to study for this full time. During my gap I studied for it, took the exam, waited for the result, found out I passed, searched for a new job, and started my job in August.

    I understand with NACA that a 30-day gap is no problem, and a longer gap may be ok if it was for school. However, this is not technically school, it is a 4-part exam to become a Certified Public Accountant (though a Bachelor’s is required to sit for this exam).

    Were any of you guys in a similar situation where you were able to be qualified even though you had a gap in employment with in the last 2 years? I do make significantly more at my new job so it does show that the gap was to allow me to grow professionally.

    Thanks all.


    Hello mbot17,

    You should be fine. Actually, the allowable gap is not JUST for school. It includes any documented activity in order to better your situation or employment opportunities. Chasing that CPA will be acceptable.

    Congratulations on passing, especially the first time!!!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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