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    We were NACA approved to start the home search. We found one right away within days of being approved. It is a new construction. It was one that for some reason the original buyers opted out so it is almost completely built. We signed the purchase agreement as well as the seller and our realtor uploaded the agreement to our file three weeks ago. We keep asking when will our loan application be sent to the lender. Our counselor said three weeks ago that our file is back in credit access. We were approved the first time the only conditions were my driver’s license had expired and I uploaded the new one and we were NACA approved. Now it’s back in that step???? We are due to do our final walkthrough on October 28 with a pending close of November 5. We have emailed her and called and she has not responded. The initial credit access took three days. We have uploaded all of our bank statements we won’t get a new bank statement until October 18. The statements show that we have been saving and not taking anything out. We have not applied for any new credit. Our income has not changed. The statement shows we are paying our rent on time.

    Question is how long does this second credit access take? Everything I’m reading says 3-4 day it has been three weeks. Our counselor is not returning our phone calls. Nor is she answering our emails. When I bring up our file it says that we are still in the house searching phase. I’m getting nervous I don’t want to lose out on this house nor lose our earnest money. Can anyone clarify things for us. Thanks in advance

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    @PastorP If I were you, I would contact the office manager and/or member services to explain your situation, so that you can move on to your bank app. You really have to be a polite pest and not wait around for only your counselor. Three weeks of being stuck in credit access is a really long time. Hope that you’ve had some success since your post!


    @PastorP I agree with @Movebyfaith.

    Email Also go to and click “click for live support” and connect to inform them that you are not able to get in touch with your counselor. Going this route has caused me to get a response from my counselor within 24 hours.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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