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    Another week and more conditions it seems like Im in a never ending cycle of conditions I was hoping I would at least get my CD this week but nope more conditions. I Don’t know where I’m at in the process right now.

    I am happy that I found my closing coordinator she’s such a big help.
    Another weekend down hopefully next week will bring good news (CTC)!!!



    Hello New beginning 23,

    Actually, that tells you exactly where you are in the process. The bank is clearing out all the little bumps in the road that are the final steps to getting that CD and then the Clear to Close.

    Hang in there! You’ll be signing on the dotted line soon!

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA


    Thanks, I actually just seen a condition that they were trying to reach my employer and they didn’t get any answer so I will have to call tomorrow and get her to fill out the paperwork and send it back asap.

    I’ll be dancing when this is all over



    To my understanding the last employment verification is verbal. You should tell them to expect a phone call from the bank.


    @swtneka3 I’m not sure this one was a form faxed over to them. If there will be an additional employment verification I don’t know. I’ll let her know thanks for the heads up because the women who does payroll for my company only works once a week so I will be sending an email to verify this and let them know to call her tomorrow. That could really set me back a whole week.



    Hello New beginning 23,

    Swtneka3 is correct that the final VOE done by the bank is verbal. There aren’t any forms to be filled out. This is quite literally the last step before the Clear to Close, so make sure your payroll person knows to be looking for the call.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    @ttrumble thanks for clearing that up I’m hoping that the bank is able to call her tomorrow. I’m not sure where they are at now in the process but I’m going to ask anyways!


    Just when I think I’m making progress boom something else pops up. They ordered another appraisal I just had one on 6/20. Omg I’m never going to close 😒 How long does an appraisal last?



    Did they said why they want another appraisal?


    @swtneka3 I’m not sure really maybe because I’m doing new construction but they haven’t said anything I sent an email yesterday and still no response!! I’ve been reading back from the forums yesterday started at 222 and I’m at page 105 now I read everyone that had anything to do with lender conditions or closing lol I’m driving myself insane but I did find out that lot of people got a final inspection!!



    Was the house complete when they did the 1st appraisal? With new construction I read that they don’t require inspections but I would still get one done for self peace of mind.


    @swtneka3 my bad I meant to write finale appraisal. Yea I got inspection done on 6/20


    Yea it was finished when we got the 2nd appraisal this is the third one that’s why I’m confused


    Ok my appraisal is back thank god πŸ˜…


    @swtneka3 @ttrumble
    Citi bank just told me they only needed the employment verification sheet. Now that condition is cleared. I hope they don’t come back with a phone call later because my payroll lady just left the office and my lawyer just sent an email that seller is going to cancel deal if this file isn’t cleared to close. What a perfect day 😒

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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