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    I have become very discouraged and highly upset! We had a closing date set for 5/15/2018. Which was set back due to a LOE stating that we were satisfied with the seller’s repairs. We submitted that the day we closed and waited all day for a response to find out we didn’t close due to multiple of general addendums between us in the sellers. So we did one big general addendum to cancel all the others to make everything simple. We were notified that the bank received everything but hasn’t heard any feedback. We are suppose to be out of our apartment by june 1st (which I have just found out we are expecting are 2nd child) which is making me even eager to close and get settle. has anyone else been through this? I just want answers.



    *we submitted that day we were suppose to close


    Based on my stalking of the forumss I would do:
    1. check my webfile to see if it updates to CTC-Final
    2. be on the lookout in the mail/email. once you receive your closing disclosures, you have to wait 3 days to close.

    I could be wrong. I’m not the professional.



    i have checked my file and it all conditions were addressed and acknowledge and it says status C&I approved. and we received our closing disclosure and reviewed it Friday. We are just waiting on Citibank to give us the green light but no one is really keeping us updated.


    Your file as to say CTC-FINAL



    that’s what I’m waiting on all conditions has been addressed but no one is answering my calls or emails.



    Hello wilkinsj,

    I think just a bit more patience and a little more faith will take care of you.

    I’m starting to see signs of something that happens every year about this time. Things unfortunately start to slow down at the bank. It’s a “naturally occurring” phenomenon caused by the seasonal increased volume in the real estate and mortgage industries during the spring and summer combined with a sometimes smaller staff due to absences from vacations and the like.

    In a perfect world, the bank would have part time or temporary employees to fill in but to find that in people who are qualified to be underwriters is a lot harder than you may think.

    In short, I don’t think anything is really “wrong” here and you should get that green light very soon.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

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    thank you @ttrumble for the kinds regards!! I know I need just a lil bit more faith and patience but it seems like this has been a forever thing due to the fact we have been going back and forth with the sellers since 2/5 about repairs and they were finally all done the beginning of this month. It has just been a long process, but I know the green light should come soon! Thanks Tim


    @wilkinsj I still haven’t heard from my closing coordinator but I logged into my CITI file and it says my loan has been approved. The mortgage commitment letter was sent out yesterday and they moved my closing date up a couple of days. My NACA file hasn’t moved, at least from what I can see. It still shows the 5/2 date of bank sent me conditions.

    How long did it take for NACA To update once bank approved you?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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